The Biography of Unity Party of America Founder and Candidate Bill Hammons

Bill Hammons was born in (what was then) West Germany in the Seventies to a career US Army officer. He graduated from Permian High School in West Texas of Friday Night Lights fame (his mother is originally from West Texas and Bill’s maternal grandparents arrived in Odessa on the original Pearl Harbor Day in 1941). Bill attended NYU and made the Dean’s List several semesters in a row before going on to work as the Rights Manager at Newsweek Magazine for seven years and seven days and then turning into a thriving business Bill’s List of the Talented, which has received as many as 17,000 unique daily visitors on the main Bill’s List website of

One day in 2003, Bill was on a training run for the NYC Marathon in the hills of Central Park, mulling over what more he could do to support the Presidential candidacy of General Wes Clark (Bill had been active in the Draft Clark grassroots movement). Then, at the top of the park, it struck Bill that he and others could run marathons to raise campaign contributions. The idea of “Runners for Clark” was born, and the nascent organization had spread to 14 states before the General bowed out of the Primaries the following Spring.

Clark might’ve been done, but Bill wasn’t, and Unity Runners was started to support Centrist candidates throughout the country (one thing Bill had become increasingly dismayed with was the inability of the established American political parties to appeal to Centrist voters). The 2004 election was done that November, but Bill still wasn’t done, and the Unity Party of America was born the day after the election (his father Rich was party member #2).

The following Spring, Bill moved back West (to Colorado) to enjoy the stunning running trails and even more stunning views (he’s run everything from a mile race down Fifth Avenue to a 50-mile race in the Montana wilderness) before finally returning to Texas after a 26-year journey. While in Colorado, he was the first of only two third-party Coloradans to ever successfully petition onto the General Election statewide ballot (and the second man to do so has since joined the United Colorado Committee of Bill’s Unity Party of Colorado). The Unity Party was placed on the Colorado official voter registration form as the “Unity” option as a direct result of Bill’s 2014 US Senate run, and UP achieved full recognition as a party by the State on D-Day in June of 2017 (Unity Party candidates can now be placed directly onto the General Election ballot by a show of hands, no petitioning required).

Bill went on to become the first Unity Party member (along with his friend and running mate Eric Bodenstab) to appear on the General Election ballot as a Gubernatorial candidate, and then put his vote numbers into full hockey stick graph mode before heading to Texas (partly) to be in compliance with the 12th Amendment to the Constitution (Bill’s Vice Presidential running mate hailed from Colorado).

Bill bunkers down in Colorado from time to time listening to the SiriusXM POTUS Channel during the day as he continues the task of helping to develop and expand the Unity Party of Colorado while teaching English as a Second Language to students the world over (29 5-star reviews and counting!) and when not campaigning in Colorado, relaxing back in Austin or successfully petitioning everywhere from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to the Jersey Shore to Massachusetts. And yes, for you hundreds of ladies who google “bill hammons wife” every month, Bill is single.

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  1. Allie Ferraro

    Just found out about you while checking on election results in my home state in NJ. If I could chosen the Dem candidate it would have been Bernie, and I just want to say you have an awesome platform.

  2. Amy S.

    It was my honor to give you my vote. I was planning on skipping the presidential vote (and only vote local) until I read your platforms! I know you likely aren’t pulling numbers to win tonight… but every candidate and every new party must start somewhere. Each vote you collect is valuable and hopefully validating for you. You have something great to offer – I look forward to following your future efforts!

  3. M W.

    How long have you been around and what is your position.

  4. Jason Orr

    Being a 24 year old understanding the future will be approaching. What message will you be sending to the generation that will be vastly awakened by the world?

  5. Tim

    I voted for Bill! I don’t want to vote for any of those other idiots. I did not know there was a candidate that was in line with my views, until researching them this week and I found Bill! I am sick and tired of the two party system that takes a hard stance to appease their base. I vote for Unity.

  6. billisrunning

    KM, the 2nd Amendment is real, Climate Change is real (and is a problem which we need to do something about pronto), the Right to Choose is real, and, due to the Climate Change Migration which we’re already seeing, we need to secure our border to manage a flow of legal immigrants who can help grow our economy. Thank you for reaching out.

  7. KM

    Hello Bill,
    Just curious what you stance is on gun control, climate change, abortion and the border? I’m on the fence as far as who to vote for. Please reply,

  8. billisrunning

    Thanks for joining the Party, Matt. Citizens United needs to be overturned. I don’t have a problem with money being spent in politics, but we need to know where that money is coming from, and we need to have speed limits in place.

    This would have to be done with a Constitutional Amendment, the only way to overturn a Supreme Court decision.

  9. Matt Walsh

    Bill what are your views on campaign reform and how can we make it a reality?

  10. Jim Massey

    Hey Bill,
    Comin at you live from NJ-7. I really like what you’re about. Wonderful website, love the interface and all of the colors. You got my vote, Sir!

    Don’t listen to the haters in the comments above. It’s about time a third party candidate won! And you my friend, are the real deal!

    A New Supporter

  11. Sarah Elle

    I don’t vote unless I feel strongly about a candidate and I certainly don’t advertise my opinion. This year, my ballot is already filled out. Hammons is the most reasonable of all the candidates. Willing to support necessary change to make a safe, welcoming and stable America without compromising core values. No candidate is ever perfect, however, I’m certain this is the best option for me and my family. I will shout this one from the rooftops.

  12. JP

    I’m not voting for either Trump or Biden as they’re s***** people and their parties are too hard line. I’m definitely interested in a third party candidate.

    Brian, shame on you. My vote goes to a reasonable candidate.

  13. Brian Halloran

    Shame on you running for President this year. Have you learned nothing from 2016? You can only hurt chances of beating Donald Trump. This election could easily mean the end of American democracy and start of an autocratic state? For what.. a few issues you support? Or vanity? Selfish. Shame on you.

  14. billisrunning

    Enough about me…

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