Below are notable Speeches which Unity Party Founder and Vice Presidential Candidate Bill Hammons has delivered over the years.

  1. February 2020 United America address in Monument, Colorado

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  1. Eric Bodenstab

    Sorry for a late reply. You can write-in for most states, but of those there are only a handful that actually count them. As we grow the party we will look to have members in those states where you can “petition to have write-in’s count.” And implore those members to petition on Unity’s behalf.

  2. M. W.

    I may be voting soon and would like to know where or how to vote for you.

  3. M. W.

    I would like to vote for you for president, however your name is not on the ballot where I live. Do you know how I would be able to vote for you for president or vice president.your name is not on ballot where I live.

  4. billisrunning

    Maybe not a good recording, but they’re out there (my phone’s power was busy being saved for timing overspeakers like Ferrigno Warren lol).

  5. Eric Bodenstab

    It was a VERY good speech. Do we have a video recording of it??

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