Below are a few of the more notable email communications which Unity Party of America Founder and Presidential Nominee Bill Hammons has had over the years.

  1. Jared Polis Running for 2024 Unity Party Presidential Nomination
  2. Rich Hammons > Attn: Jessica Faulkenberry
  3. “United America” 2/22 Candidate Forum 1-Pager (Confidential)
  4. Let’s Hang Together to Make this United America Forum a Success
  5. Multiple United States Senators Have Signed on to United America
  6. United America Presidential & Congressional Candidate Forum 2/22
  7. President Trump @ Sat 2/22 “United America” Forum in Colorado
  8. Attn: Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Weld Campaigns
  9. Presidential Campaign (Pro Bono Opportunity for Law Students)
  10. We’re Exploring Legal Action Against You, Mr. Secretary [Hargett]
  11. Email #2 from Alliance Party Co-National Vice-Chair Michael Burger
  12. Alliance Party Co-National Vice-Chair Michael Burger Email
  13. John Mark Karr Email re: Agent for Jonbenét Ramsey Case & Death
  14. Email Interview With Accredited Wikinews Reporter William Saturn
  15. Questions From Vail Colorado Daily Answered (Candidate Questionnaire)
  16. Combination Nomination Email Hammons Sent to Alliance Party
  17. Email Bill Hammons Received from the Office of the Vice President (OVP)
  18. Email Sent To President, VP And First Lady Of United States Regarding 2020 United America Candidate Forum
  19. Emails with former Massey Energy Company CEO & Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Don Blankenship

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  1. billisrunning

    2020 email to Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett (and emailed responses from his staff) now up.

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