Let’s All Hang Together to Make this United America Forum a Success

Let’s All Hang Together to Make this United America Forum a Success

Bill Hammons
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“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

–Benjamin Franklin

Since Franklin quotes seem to be trendy of late, I thought I’d start off with that to make the point that all campaigns, from House through Senate to Presidential, will need to work together to make our “United America” event on the 22nd a success. I just got approved for boosting this event on Facebook, but if all campaigns could please spread the word to everyone on your lists and advertise, you’ll help knock this event out of the ballpark (speaking of venues, we’re a few steps closer to having final approval for a high school auditorium in Monument with access to a gym in case things really grow, but more on that later).


(Note that links to campaign sites are being posted on the Facebook event page according a point system based on assistance with making this a success.)

Also, we just had a change-up in the line-up > one Senate candidate will not be attending (Senate candidates are not allowed to send surrogates), but one Republican Senate candidate just signed on to the event a minute ago. More details will be provided in a new 1-pager once we have more details re: venue.


Bill Hammons

Feb 5, 2020, 7:15 PM
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Shabd Khalsa
Hi Bill, Can you estimate the public attendance at the Forum? Thanks!

Bill Hammons
to Eric, Shabd

Hello Shabd,

Potentially thousands > the reservation will be for an auditorium 750 seated plus standing room in the lobby with giant TV screens, but multiple officials with the school / school district have confirmed verbally that we can move to the school gym seating 1,800+ if needed

Bill Hammons

Shabd Khalsa
to Eric, me

Great! Thanks so much.

Bill Hammons
to Shabd, Eric

Any time

Bill Hammons

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