Alliance Party US Vice Chair Michael Burger Email #2

Email sent by Alliance Party Co-National Vice-Chair Michael Burger

Text of Michael Burger Email #2

Hello  Eric,

I read your email to Tim Cotton.  We both know that to get big enough, fast enough, to take on the major two parties, like minded parties have to come together.  That is why the Modern Whig Party, formed in 2008, contacted Brian about starting this effort of merging parties into one.  Before the Alliance Party, 6 minor parties had merged into the Modern Whig Party.  Brian’s party, Jim’s party, and my Whig party had to let go of our egos and the feeling of having the best and only party, if we were going to make the Alliance work.  We put a lot of time and money into building our parties, just as you and Bill have.  But we see a bigger story for the American people, so we merged.  Since the merger in January, 2019, the Independence Party of MN, the Independent Party of Colorado, and the American Alliance Party have merged with us.  This gave us ballot access in MN and CT.   Soon the Natural Law Party of Michigan and the Delta Party of Delaware, both with ballot access will merge with us.  And we are in talks with two other parties about merging soon after the election from Florida and New York, both with ballot access.

So when you asked Tim if he is a Uniter, it would seem that we have to unite on your and Bill’s terms and party.  This is not a helpful way to approach The Alliance Party and our officers Eric.

I see you have Bill on the ballot in three states as listed in Wikipedia and as a write in candidate in 6 states.  The Birthday Party is on the ballet in 12 states now and 5 as a write in.  Shows what can happen with some GOP funding.  We are on the ballot in 16 states and 11 write in states.

I suggest to you, Bill, and your party officers to think about how hard it is to build a national party and sustain it.  Would it be easier to affiliate with a fast growing party like the Alliance or continue on your current path?  The Alliance Party will elect new national officers in 2022 and who knows who that will be.  But I can tell you now that the Alliance Party will not merge into a much smaller party like the Unity Party.  You do have a good party Eric and I hope you good luck in your efforts!  I hope I did not come across arrogant Eric!  I tried to present information to you that you may not know.

The best to you and Bill.

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