Jared Polis Running for 2024 Unity Party Presidential Nomination

Jared Polis Running for 2024 Unity Party Presidential Nomination

Key Assumption as of this writing: Biden will go from 253 to 270+ Electoral Votes in the 2020 Election

Polis’s tried-and-true tactic of using his personal wealth (estimated at $300 million+) to back up his substantial political skills to win Colorado races won’t work nationally in Democratic Primary (see below)

Even Bloomberg’s Billions couldn’t get him Dem nomination

Personal wealth (if anything) will backfire (e.g., “Wine Cave” imbroglio during 2020 Democratic nomination race)

Polis’s Centrist/Libertarian tendencies a crucial handicap in a national party dominated by Progressives (recall Biden’s Primary difficulty)

A President Biden would be 82 going into a second term

Running against your party’s incumbent considered poor form

A President Harris (most liberal member of US Senate) would be a prohibitively formidable incumbent in the 2024 Democratic Primary

But a liberal Kamala Harris would be perfect General opponent

Assuming he’s willing to spend as he has in the past (he spent $18.4 million in the 2018 Gubernatorial race as of that September) Polis could easily hire petitioners and other contractors and/or staffers to achieve Presidential ballot access in virtually all 50 States

Tapping the gay donor network could provide even more funding

Will speak to Paul Lewis about founding Log Cabin Uniters

Party-building needs to start with 2022 Elections in many States

Some States require a previous Candidacy for 2024 ballot line

Alliance Party formation created a roadmap for States where a party name can be changed (i.e., Unity Party takes over the Alliance Party)



South Carolina

Toughest nut of Texas can be cracked with ~90,000 valid Independent voter signatures out of 200,000 gathered Spring of 2024

Can be done for under $1,000,000 (@ $5 per signature)

Broad appeal can be expanded further with Running Mate from GOP

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah (remarkably youthful 77 in 2024)

Senator Susan Collins of Maine

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida

Senator Rick Scott of Florida

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina

Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland

Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio

Governor Gary Herbert of Utah

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas

Wheelchair status makes him an oddball with current GOP

Vulnerable in 2022 GOP Primary > ‘24 Unity run an out for him

Understandable if Governor wants to spend 2020 holidays pondering

Will need to make decision soon, as 2022 CO Guv speculation begins

2x$5,000 donations to United National Committee over holidays goodwill gesture to start funding first efforts toward possible run

Best analogy is Hammons and Bodenstab the Jobs & Wozniak of American Politics looking for VC funding (to take their garage start-up idea Global) in exchange for partial equity


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