John Mark Karr Email re: Jonbenét Ramsey Death

Literary Agent Email sent by John Mark Karr to Bill Hammons in October 2006

Text of John Mark Karr Literary Agent Email


My name is John Mark Karr. I saw your webpage on the Internet. I also noticed you are from Boulder. As you know, I have a connection with Boulder…

Your extensive collection of literary agents leads me to believe you have knowledge much past myself. I seek a literary agent who can help me publish a manuscript that some might find controversial. Might you have some suggestions of the best agent for me?

I respectfully request that you keep my mail confidential.

John Mark Karr

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  1. billisrunning

    While I’ve always strived to maintain the privacy of those who contact me re: literary representation or anything else under the sun, even in the days before Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, this individual’s inclinations led me to post this email as a public service.

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