Multiple United States Senators Have Signed on to “United America”

Multiple United States Senators Have Signed on to “United America” 2/22 Forum

Bill Hammons
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Afternoon All,

Just wanted to reach out to all of the campaigns today, say thank you for your patience, ask for your continued patience, and make clear that you should all keep your calendars clear for Saturday, February 22nd, starting at 10am or before (10am Intro Speaker + US Senate, 11amish US House, 12 high noon Presidential).

Many of the national (aka Presidential) campaigns have asked about VIP attendance. We have multiple current United States Senators who have responded, and at this point we’re just trying to finalize the general outline so I can send all campaigns a one-pager with more details that I can be confident of.

Communications Director Eric Bodenstab can be reached at 719-800-1604, though please note we can’t divulge further details just quite yet.

Thanks once again,

Bill Hammons

P.S. I did throw in a few campaigns here who didn’t actually confirm, in the spirit of maintaining lines of communication. Also, in response to a few Presidential campaigns, yes, surrogates are an option, though of course your candidate’s presence here would be much preferred. If you have a definite surrogate already in mind, please email me or call Mr. Bodenstab with their identity asap, as that will be helpful information.

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