Presidential Campaign (Pro Bono Opportunity for Law Students)

Good afternoon,

We sent the below email to a few faculty members yesterday > long story short, our case would be a perfect fit for one of your brighter students.

Please advise as soon as you can if you or a similar dept can assist us by connecting us with the right person.  Thank you in advance.

Myself and my Vice Presidential running mate Eric Bodenstab have been back and forth several times with the TN Sec of State’s office the past two weeks trying to get a straight, official answer either way regarding placement on Tennessee’s November Presidential ballot (to no avail).

We have already filed papers with the Middle District to get an answer and (hopefully) a line on the ballot, but this is turning out to be a case study in why lawyering should be left to the lawyers.

We are a start-up outfit rich in potential publicity (we have successfully petitioned onto the ballot in several states, including New Jersey) but poor in funding, and would appreciate your forwarding of this email to any sharp law students (or licensed lawyers for that matter) who could use some publicity themselves in a case that could shine a national spotlight on the chaos already engulfing our electoral system.

Rest assured this case is already well-documented and evidence-rich.  Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your assistance.


Bill Hammons
2020 Candidate for President of the United States

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