Rich Hammons > Attn: Jessica Faulkenberry


First I’d like to thank you for everything you did for my father Rich, who passed away Monday night.  Candra for one was terrific and my stepmother has nothing but nice things to say about your operation.

That said, I need to get a few things off my chest.  The behavior of your security guard on duty Monday evening was appalling.  I’ve heard from other family members that he was quite the stickler for the rules (word is he was going to try kick me off the patio just minutes after my father had passed at 6:35 pm and they were cleaning him up, but the other staff talked him out of it > I was silently standing at the railing contemplating what had just happened).

More importantly, that same gentleman stepped in front of me as I was escorting my father’s body on the gurney through the hallway to the hearse, to the point that I had to slow my pace and follow him.  This gentleman disrespected me and therefore disrespected my father.

Finally, we all appreciated the gesture of the flag, but I really wish it had been of cloth and not nylon (if I had known the flag was other than cloth, I would have gone out and bought one for my father).

Thank you for reading, and please note I have not told other family members of this note.  And while you may note the 1am time stamp, please be aware these concerns were eating at me all day and needed to be addressed.

My number is 303-819-6141, though please be aware I’ve given up on voicemail and written communication is preferred if you need to reach out to me.  Thank you again.

Bill Hammons

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