“United America” Presidential & Congressional Candidate Forum 2/22

Bill Hammons
to Eric, bcc: f_grandonico, bcc: kkaten680, bcc: t.sage0529, bcc: lilasianfeminist

Good Morning Fellow Debate Organizers,

We’re putting on the below event on Saturday 2/22 (Washington’s real birthday) and would appreciate your assistance in spreading the word / getting ppl there:


We have several Presidential contenders (Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Bloomberg & Steyer) in the works (actually, you have me to thank for getting the same ppl to the 2/23 GOTV event with Polis and others on Colorado College campus, but I digress). Please spread the word everywhere in your circles (there’s also a QR code you can swipe from the below page, and I can also send an updated flyer PDF for printing upon request (I was also the first to [sort of] publicly indicate Bennet’s withdrawal from the race).

Thank you in advance for these favors which will be repaid two-fold at least. Communications Director Eric Bodenstab can be reached at 719-800-1604 with any questions.

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