Subject: President, Vice President, 1st Lady and/or 2nd Lady @ Sat 2/22 United America Forum in Colorado

Good morning,

We would like to extend a cordial invitation to the President, First Lady, Vice President and/or Second Lady to attend our “United America” Presidential and Congressional candidate forum in Monument, Colorado on Saturday February 22nd (Washington’s real birthday) with the full title of “United America: George Washington’s Farewell Address and America the Beautiful as Seen from Pikes Peak.”

Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Buttigieg, Senator Klobuchar and Senator Sanders could very likely be at the United America event in person on the 22nd (yours truly has been in extensive communication with all campaigns), President Trump is going to be down the road in Colorado Springs on Thursday the 20th, and the parties listed above are more than welcome to join the other Presidential candidates on stage (I’m considering proposing a contest to local businesses for suggestions and offerings as to how the First and/or Second Couples could spend a Thursday-Saturday extended weekend in Colorado in style).

To this political junkie’s knowledge, there’s never been a Presidential candidate forum including pre-nomination candidates of both major parties, this would therefore make history and therefore no doubt appeal to the President of a mind like mine.  If anyone other than the President is to speak they’ll be welcome to speak as a Presidential surrogate.

I can be reached at 303-819-6141 and Communications Director Eric Bodenstab can be reached at 719-800-1604.


Bill Hammons
Event Organizer

Email Hammons Sent To President, Vice President And First Lady Of United States Regarding 2020 United America Candidate Forum

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