The below section was started when we were still looking for Presidential Electors. We signed up scores of Electors in the process of (successfully) petitioning onto the ballot in States across the country. If you don’t see Bill Hammons on your ballot, write him in (be sure to get the spelling of “Hammons” correct). And all visitors to this page, be sure check out our post-election plans for the Hamilton Project!

First there were the Hamilton Electors. Now there are the Hammons Electors…

Bill needs 538 dedicated electors across the United States, citizens ready to exercise their common sense to elect the next and best President of the United States.

Note that this is a list concurrent with that being started by Eric Bodenstab, currently a Unity Party Candidate for Vice President of the United States. (BFP) denotes that an elector has also committed to being a Bodenstab Vice Presidential Elector.


  1. Chris Bodenstab (Hereford) (BFP)
  2. Hannah Claire Bodenstab (Hereford) (BFP)


  1. Trently Mullins (Newport) (BFP)


  1. Galen Bercaw (Longmont) (BFP)
  2. Blake Huber (Denver) (BFP)
  3. Lydia Lerma (Ft Collins)
  4. Paul Lewis (Denver) (BFP)
  5. David Olszta (Lakewood) (BFP)
  6. Gary Swing (Denver) (BFP)


  1. Oliver Fehlandt (Wilmington) (BFP)


  1. Adam Alonzi (Gainesville) (BFP)
  2. Adham Micheil Hamilton (Tallahassee) (BFP)


  1. Alison Miller (Kapa’a) (BFP)

New Jersey

  1. Bill McCarthy (Whiting)


  1. Susan Hammons (Austin)
  2. Seven Tomlinson (Odessa)

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  1. Eric Bodenstab

    We need more to line up for 2024. Vermont was a low hanging fruit that slipped through our fingers this past cycle – the petitioning requirement was waved.

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