Donald Trump & Foreign Ownership of US Media

There’s so much I could say about Donald Trump that I don’t know where to start, but for now I’ll point out one of the many roots of this country’s problems today: within weeks of Trumps’ inauguration and his nomination of Republican Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman, the Federal Communications Commission began (for the first time ever) approving 100% ownership of American TV broadcast stations.

A ban on foreign ownership of US media should be “fair and balanced”: the Murdoch family’s stake in Fox Corporation, a major American media conglomerate, should be at least halved from 39% to 20% or lower. Also, ironically, I agree with President Trump (and 70% of all Americans) that the US should ban foreign ownership of mobile phone apps used by Americans, though I question how many ulterior motives Trump has in the case of TikTok.



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