Hearts of Iron 4 Red World Mod Midwest Union History

The Midwest Union is essentially a consequence of the collapse of America made by elements loyal to old democracy and against the authoritarianism and surveillance state of the Republican Party. Essentially, your portrayal morphs after the Unity Party’s real life experience with Wesley Clark’s campaign, as Clark is one of the founders of the Midwest Union as a democratic force against American communism and authoritarianism. It starts very decentralized and with control only over Denver and frontierlands, but with career politicians who help found the Midwest turning against the coalition, You have a lot to deal with but you can pull through!

Now Putin, Putin doesn’t lead the union at the start but, with prominent control over the KGB, he can easily get himself into a position of power if elected premier after the assassination of the previous premier.

Now the reason this took a while to respond is we had to get the American lore writer on hand but he wasn’t the original lore master. This mod was started by a man who went under the username “Kaiser1871” and he for many years developed quite a bit of the mod alone with some outside help but a lot of this mod was his work and coding on top of a game that was meant to be a WW2 RTS game. However sadly sometime last year this month Kaiser got into a tragic car crash and died.

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