History Behind Hearts of Iron 4 Red World Hammons

There is no man who has eroded the power and influence of his own office more than Bill Hammons.

Manager of the campaign of Democratic Coalition founding father and subsequent President of the Midwest, Wesley Clark, Hammons was credited for the broad, grassroots, and centrist appeal of the popular military general’s election in 2003. Guiding the campaigns of the Democratic Coalition across the country through “Runners for Clark”, Hammons brought the party great victories in local and congressional elections, providing a decentralized alternative to local populations fearful of government overreach in their own affairs. When Clark expressed his desire not to seek re-election as President in 2007, Hammons was seen as the likely successor, and hastily maneuvered his way through the party leadership process. Despite the Democratic Coalition’s landslide victory in 2007, the party remains deeply fractured between conservative and liberal wings, and Hammons has been categorized as someone who has only served to exacerbate tensions by standing firmly in the middle. Following the resurgence of the American Restorationist Party under hawkish conservative Hillary Rodham and the mutiny of liberals to the social-democratic Party of Hope, Hammons’ base of support has steadily eroded, even among General Wesley Clark, his old benefactor. He has not yet declared his intention to run again in 2011, with public opinion low except in the most decentralized of regions, and many suspect he will open the Democratic Coalition to yet another factional struggle.

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