Note that the Unity Party of America has no official position on organized labor, though, as of this writing, there is a platform plank to that effect proposed by Yours Truly for consideration at the next Unity Party convention. Bill Hammons and the Unity Party of America have no affiliation with the below organizations unless otherwise noted. The below list is being put together merely for the benefit of Uniter campaigns which would like to contact labor unions about possible endorsements and support (if nothing else, Union Hall speaking opportunities are an excellent way of reaching hundreds of voters at a time, many of them solid Middle Class Centrists with families who also vote who are looking for an alternative to liberal Democrats who might not share all of their views, especially on cultural issues).

My support for unions is based on three life and work experiences:

  • My experience as a Life Insurance Producer for American Income Life
  • My experience driving for Uber and Lyft in Austin between AIL & KFC
  • My experience as Campaign Director for Rebecca Keltie for Congress

For guidance on how Unions can support your campaign, see the Bill’s List Politics Guide to Federal Election Commission Rules and Regulations. Generally speaking, a Union, through a political committee, can contribute up to $5,000 to a campaign per election, with each primary election, general election, runoff and special election considered a separate election for campaign contribution limit purposes (in other words, a Union can generally contribute a total of $10,000 to a campaign if they first donate before a Primary, but only $5,000 until the candidate wins their Primary).

  1. Unions in the State of Colorado

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