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Does the portrayal of Unity Party Founder & 2020 Presidential Nominee Bill Hammons in the Red World Mod of the popular game Hearts of Iron 4 as the Head of State of the Midwest Union (the successor state to the United States with its capital at Denver), effectively casting him as the Leader of (what remains of) the Free World, having beaten the likes of Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton and now ready to battle the ongoing Red Menace led by Vladimir Putin, make you more likely to vote for Hammons and donate to the United National Committee?

  • Yes, I know that Game Developers are often at the nexus of trend spotting and trend setting, and, savvy as I am, I instantly recognize that Hammons and the Unity Party are going places and I will 1) Vote for Bill Hammons 2) Text 20 friends + 20 family to vote for Bill Hammons & 3) Donate $39.99 to the Unity Party’s United National Committee
  • Eh?

(October 2020)

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