Subject: Flags on Veterans

Congressman Perlmutter,

Please note that, while I am transitioning down to Texas, I am still technically one of your constituents.

My father Major Richard D. Hammons (Retired) recently passed away in Simpsonville, SC due to cancer from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.

I was dismayed when I saw that the hospice nurses had placed a nylon flag over my father’s body, and was further dismayed when I discovered that there’s no Federal law mandating that flags placed over veterans be made of cloth only.

Well, there should be Federal legislation mandating that flags placed on our Veterans be made only of cotton, wool, or similar fabric befitting the use.

I’ve conducted a small online poll, and over three-fourths of respondents believe that there should be such a law.  Now that Congress is back in session, I urge you to introduce legislation that I can only think the vast majority of Americans will get behind.

Myself and the rest of the family will be headed to Arlington sometime in the coming months for his service at the national cemetery, but I can travel sooner to D.C. if that would help with this effort.

Thank you for reading.


Bill Hammons


The above letter has been sent through online email forms to the following members of the United States Congress. Note that where you see “Constituent” I’ve contacted a Member on behalf of one of their constituents with that constituent’s permission (the one exception to this “permissions policy” is I contacted my deceased father’s Senators after his death).

General Members of the United States Senate:

  1. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado > Emailed 10/7/19 > No Response
  2. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado > Emailed 10/7/19 > No Response
  3. Senator Lindsey Graham of SC > Emailed 9/13/19 > No Response (Constituent)
  4. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina > Emailed 9/13/19 > No Response (Constituent)

Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee:

  1. Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma > Email 9/15/19 > No Response (Constituent)
  2. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas > Email 9/16/19 > No Response (Constituent)

Members of the Senate Veterans Affairs’ Committee:


General Members of the US House of Representatives:

  1. Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado 7th > Emailed 10/7/19 > Phone Call Back 10/25/19
  2. Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas 10th > Emailed 10/28/19

Members of the House Armed Services Committee:


Members of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee:


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