My 33-Point 2020 United States Presidential Platform:

  1. COVID-19 Response > The Cold War-era Defense Production Act should have been fully invoked at the beginning of the COVID Crisis to prioritize the manufacture and distribution of as many N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, ventilators, and other products (all stamped prominently with the US Star logo seen on WWII-era military aircraft and the words “Made in the USA”) as are needed to keep both healthcare workers and the general public safe; any excess stock can be loaned or outright gifted to countries with less resources, both as a goodwill gesture and to prevent future waves of this germ from washing back into our own country. The use of face masks should be strongly encouraged nationwide (and mandated for flying by the FAA) until a highly effective vaccine is in production, Contact Tracers should have been hired en masse as soon as people started to lose their old jobs, and this Summer was a lost opportunity to finally begin repairing our dilapidated roads, bridges and highways with massive and labor-intensive projects (many American workers would’ve had the opportunity for new careers working the phones or working in the Great Outdoors).
  2. Vaccines > As Commander in Chief, I’ll be one of the first to receive a safe COVID-19 Vaccine, and cite my own example as I use the resources of the Federal Government to strongly encourage widespread use of a safe vaccine. The 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine disaster is a warning from history, so rest assured my “Operation Impulse Drive” will seek to protect the public from both COVID and vaccine side effects. Regarding vaccines generally, including for children, concerned citizens will have to proactively request exemptions.
  3. Freedom Tariffs > The recent Economic Stimulus payments demonstrated that the US Government can easily get money into the bank accounts of US Citizens with just routing and account numbers; as President, I will immediately impose Freedom Tariffs on Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and other Bad Actors who also happen to directly or indirectly import large volumes of Climate Change-inducing products into this country; the resulting revenues can be immediately (on a weekly basis) remitted into the bank accounts or onto the paycards of all Americans.
  4. Revoke the Presidential Pardon Power > The President’s unfettered Power to Pardon has been abused, and it’s become obvious that our criminal justice system has never been perfect. It’s time to Amend the Constitution to take Pardons out of Presidential hands and put this power in the hands of a Commission whose 12 members are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for staggered six-year terms limited to no more than 12 total years.
  5. Federal Election Commission > The fact that the Federal Election Commission keeps losing its quorum has been perhaps the most underreported story of the last few years. As with the Supreme Court (see below), the FEC needs to be expanded to 13 members, one representative for each political party which fielded a Presidential candidate in at least 3 states in the previous Election, and Presidential/Congressional failure to appoint dedicated Commissioners who don’t quit at their earliest convenience should be answered with appointments by the Supreme Court.
  6. Refund the Police > Don’t “Defund” the Police; use the funded federal mandate of body cameras to encourage cities and towns across the country to revisit their police funding (Do all police need all of the military hardware they’ve been given access to since 9/11? Can social workers and other non-law-enforcement professionals be used for certain situations instead of the police?).
  7. Climate Change > Climate Change is real, Climate Change is a problem, and Climate Change is a problem we can solve. We should explore all solutions, for now and for the future.
  8. The US Global War on Terror > Regardless of places like Syria and Iraq, America is in Afghanistan for a good clear reason (9/11), and America should only leave for another good clear reason (when we can be confident Afghanistan won’t be used as a base for attacks on Americans again). Unfortunately, America’s involvement in Afghanistan is trending towards an ending similar to that in Vietnam (look for the equivalent of choppers on besieged embassy rooftops) and we shouldn’t make the mistake of trusting bad actors. And regardless of the controversies, I’ve started an online American War Memorial on this site as one small way to honor America’s fallen in our many “Forgotten Wars.”
  9. Impeach and Convict > Using the Power of the Presidency to coerce a foreign leader to manufacture dirt on a political rival triggers a feedback loop of power begetting more power to the point of a totalitarian dictatorship > Impeachment was the right thing to do and should be repeated as necessary.
  10. Mass Shootings > The FBI needs to be merged with the CIA, domestic surveillance of Social Media increased to prevent tragedies before they happen, and all sales of new firearms to people who shouldn’t own them banned while allowing law-abiding gun owners to keep the guns they already have and encouraging firearm safety training.
  11. D.C. Statehood > The City of Washington should be given Statehood, a Statehood perhaps balanced by a western Statehood.
  12. Balance the Budget > MMT = BS; let’s Balance the Federal Budget with a Balanced Budget Amendment and prevent an unnecessary financial crisis if it’s not too late.
  13. Term Limits > I support Term Limits for Congress (two six-year terms for Senators, four two-year terms for US Representatives), the Supreme Court and the entire Federal Judiciary (12 years for all Justices and Judges) to fight ossification.
  14. Supreme Court > In addition to having its power limited with Term Limits, the Supreme Court should be expanded to 13 Justices and capped at that number by Constitutional Amendment, with the Chief Justice only voting in the case of a tie of the other Justices (the Constitution never specified the number of Justices, instead leaving that to Congress, and such an Amendment will prevent future court packing schemes). The four Justices who would be added to the current nine by this process should include two from the ideological right and two from the left, or better yet, two or four Justices who have no shown no ideological bias but instead a simple reverence for Common Sense. For the record, I am a hardcore Originalist, a firm believer that the Constitution is not a “living” document but a written document.
  15. Border Wall > I support a Wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, not because I’m racist but because we’re already experiencing Climate Migration from Central America, and what Europe, shielded as it is by the Mediterranean, has experienced will be nothing to what the U.S. will experience in coming years. I believe in limited, legal and orderly immigration with arriving families treated humanely (no family separations). I don’t support cross-border chaos.
  16. Colorado Constitutional Convention > Our system of government is broken and there should be a new Constitutional Convention, as provided for by Article V of the Constitution, in Colorado (where I propose that we move the District of Columbia) to end the disturbing charade of appointing Presidential Electors but not allowing them to vote freely, end the lifetime appointments of Judges and Justices based on the 38-year life expectancy for white males in 1787 America, end the buying of re-election votes with taxpayers’ money, end the election of voters by legislators with gerrymandering and not the other way around, end the immensely ironic disenfranchisement of voters in the nation’s own capital, etc.
  17. Eliminate Income and Property Taxes > Federal income taxes and local property taxes (including de facto taxes in the form of vehicle registration fees) are a violation of the 4th Amendment, and should be replaced with revenues based on greenhouse gas emissions offset by weekly rebates directly back into consumers’ bank accounts or onto debit cards. Many conservatives have advocated a National Sales Tax, and an NST based on the emissions emitted in the process of production coupled with instant rebates is a fair tax which would eliminate many of the privacy issues surrounding other forms of taxation as well solve many of the problems in the American education system created by disproportionate tax bases.
  18. Defend America at all Costs > We should resurrect the federal “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program to fend off North Korea and other bad actors; Mutually Assured Destruction is indeed mad > crazy.
  19. American Spaceport Development > Since 2010, I’ve been publicly pushing for more Spaceport development in Colorado, and agree with Uniters who believe that our future (at least partly) is in the stars.
  20. Life and Death > I support the Right to Choose, and I also support the Death Penalty (in cases beyond all doubt, I respect the will of the voters).
  21. Gun Rights > As with the rest of the United States Constitution, I support the Second Amendment as it was written over 200 years ago.
  22. Law Enforcement > We can protect both law enforcement and the public with mandatory and Federally funded body cameras across the nation. A recent Washington Post article hit it on head: body cameras are great for law enforcement, but tough on small-town police department budgets.
  23. Medicare For All Americans Who Want It > I myself lost my own health insurance due to the Obamacare debacle, and support a Medicare For All Americans Who Want It system (Americans should be able to keep their private health insurance if they so choose, but also have the option of government-funded health insurance). One positive legacy of Obamacare is the inability of insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and no one should be caught in this Catch-22 situation.
  24. Secure Social Security > As the Obamacare debacle so aptly demonstrated, older Americans relying on younger Americans to properly fund a federal program is a dicey proposition at best. Social Security can be supplemented by revenues like Freedom Tariffs and SS recipients can get relief with the reduction of property and income taxes.
  25. Cannabis > It’s time to recognize the medical benefits of Cannabis, allow its recreational use on a live-and-let-live basis, and use the resulting revenues to help fund devastated local government budgets.
  26. Net Neutrality > If you can still read this over the Internet, there’s still hope. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are Common Carriers and should be treated as such. Just as your phone company, back in the days when landline use was common, couldn’t block calls from a political party or candidates which didn’t toe the phone company’s line, ISPs shouldn’t be able to play referee as to what information a consumer receives over the Internet and how (or how fast) they receive it. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should take the lead from the states and once again make the Internet (and thus the World) safe for ingenuity, including ingenuity of the political variety.
  27. Federal Life Insurance > As a former Life Producer licensed in several states, I’m a firm believer in the societal benefits of insurance, and support Federal funding to promote societal stability. Federally-funded life insurance can be funded with a modest Estate Tax (a modest percentage on inherited wealth above a hefty exemption); Estate Taxes also have the additional benefit of keeping the term “American Aristocracy” an oxymoron.
  28. Make 16 Minimum Voting and Donating Age > When Americans are old enough to drive at 16, they should be old enough to make political donations and vote in elections; conversely, Americans should not be able to make political donations if they’re not allowed to vote in the first place (note that the current minimum age to make a Federal campaign contribution is zero).
  29. Right to Run > The barriers in some States to ballot access for non-established parties and their candidates are beyond unreasonable (in my home State of Texas, an Independent candidate for President has two months to gather 89,693 signatures from Texas voters who didn’t vote in either major party primary). As the man who made history in Colorado by being the first 3rd party candidate to petition onto the General Election ballot, and being the only one to ever do so single-handedly, and having repeated that feat in multiple other States, I can speak on this issue as no one else can. The States should be held accountable to the First Amendment rights of Assembly and Petition, and no State should require more than 100 signatures and $100 per Congressional District for ballot access in Federal races (e.g., the State of Texas shouldn’t be allowed to require more than 3,600 signatures and $3,600 of any candidate who wishes to appear on the State’s Presidential ballot, regardless of party affiliation, Wyoming 100 signatures and $100, etc.). For those party leaders who will whine that this would lead to Presidential Elections being thrown to the House on a regular basis, I say “Get Over It” and tell them to start forming Shadow Cabinets ready to start running the Federal Government at a moment’s notice.
  30. Approval Voting > Counting over-votes on ballots encourages competition between more than two mutually-canceling parties and better expresses the will of the American voter.
  31. Redistricting Gerrymandered Districts > We need to outlaw Gerrymandering (the drawing of legislative districts along partisan lines), and enforce the drawing of all legislative districts along competitive lines in terms of gender, age, race, socioeconomics, urban vs. rural and other factors, with those lines being drawn by four-judge panels of retired judges in each state to ensure that the resulting district lines are the result of compromise.
  32. Rename Columbus Day “Discovery Day” > The controversies swirling around Columbus Day can easily be resolved by renaming the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s landing “Discovery Day”. That exact title was used for this holiday by the Bahamas until 2012 and is still used in the nation of Colombia (and Colombia was named after Columbus).
  33. Cloth Flags for Fallen Veterans > When my father Rich passed away due to Agent Orange exposure from the Vietnam War, I was dismayed when the hospice nurses laid a nylon flag over his body > there should be a Federal law mandating that only cloth flags can be used for such a purpose.

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  1. billisrunning

    Platform now up

  2. Avatar
    Andrew Rusher

    I’m going to comment on your points just for fun.

    Release Report & Returns > An innocent man has nothing to hide; I support a release of tax returns and the full Mueller report. A person shouldn’t be forced to release tax returns. The Mueller Report was released & nothing was found.

    Lincoln, D.C. > Ditch the swamp by moving the nation’s capital to the east of DIA and naming it after another great President. I would have to disagree with you on this. Washington went to war for Freedom, Lincoln went to war for POWER.

    D.C. Statehood > By the same token Washington D.C. should be given Statehood perhaps balanced by a western Statehood. The point of Washington D.C. is to have an area that isn’t subject to any state so why not just give the people of Washington D.C. to Maryland & leave a Federal Area.

    Balance the Budget > MMT = BS; let’s Balance the Budget and prevent an unnecessary financial crisis if it’s not too late. I agree with this point.

    Term Limits > I support Term Limits for Congress, the Supreme Court, and the entire Federal Judiciary to fight ossification. I agree with this point.

    Border Wall > I support a Border Wall, not because I’m racist but because we’re already experiencing Climate Migration. I agree with this point.

    Colorado Constitutional Convention > Our system is broken and there should be an Article V Constitutional Convention. I have no view on this as I’m not from Colorado.

    Eliminate Income Taxes > Replace Federal income taxes with revenues based on fossil fuel consumption balanced by rebates. I agree on removing Federal income taxes as income tax is unconstitutional.

    Defend America at all Costs > We should resurrect the federal “Star Wars” SDI program to fend off North Korea and others. I agree

    American Spaceport Development > Since 2010, I’ve been publicly pushing for more Spaceport development in Colorado. No view

    Life and Death > I support the Right to Choose, and I also support the Death Penalty. I guess this is the abortion point so I will just point out that about 99% of the time the woman consents, only about 1% of the time is she forced. I agree with the Death Penalty.

    Gun Rights > Like the rest of the Constitution, I support the Second Amendment as it was written 200 years ago. I agree.

    School Shootings > The FBI needs to be merged with the CIA and domestic surveillance of Social Media increased. I agree with the FBI-CIA point but disagree with the domestic surveillance of Social Media being increased.

    Law Enforcement > We can protect both law enforcement and the public with mandatory and funded body cameras. How? If law enforcement wants to do something bad or illegal they just take the body camera off or turn the camera off.

    Care for All Americans > I myself lost my own health insurance due to Obamacare, and support a Medicare for All system. A better idea is to get people to care for themselves & their family. Anyone who can’t would get the government healthcare plan, illegals wouldn’t be covered.

    Net Neutrality > Let’s make the Internet (and thus the World) safe for ingenuity, including ingenuity of the political variety. I agree with this

    Life Insurance > As a former Life Producer, I’m a firm believer in societal benefits of insurance, and support Federal funding. Same as my “Care for All Americans” comment.

    Lower the Voting Age to 16 with Amendment > If you’re old enough to drive tons of steel, you should be old enough to vote. I would go down to 17.

    Approval Voting > Counting over-votes on ballots encourages competition and better expresses the will of the American voter. No view on this point.

    Redistricting > We need to outlaw Gerrymandering, and enforce drawing of all legislative districts along competitive lines. I agree with this.

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    Zoie Laviolette

    Hello! I’m a 21 year old student at UNLV, and as the election has taken a new turn, I am exploring possible third party candidates to promote in my current anti-two party campaign as alternatives to the democratic and republican candidates. I really like a large majority of your policies. I did have to say that your idea to move the capital of the country and giving statehood to Washington is going to be the largest policy holding you back. Moving the capital to your home state makes you seem like an unprepared and unserious candidate. The capital is where it is for a reason, and none of our current issues arise from its placement. This point in your policies seems as though if you were elected president you wouldn’t want to have to bother leaving your home. I understand that you think Colorado would be a stellar place for the capital, but that kind of change will get you immediately dismissed as a serious candidate by a lot of voters. Giving DC statehood is actually something I feel is better addressed by James Maddison’s The Federalist No. 43 “ The indispensable necessity of compleat authority at the seat of Government car­ries its own evidence with it. It is a power exercised by every Legislature of the Union, I might say of the world, by virtue of its general supremacy. Without it, not only the public authority might be insult­ed and its proceedings be interrupted, with impunity; but a dependence of the members of the general Government…”

  4. billisrunning

    Zoie, thank you for your feedback. I’m actually back in Texas now.

  5. Avatar
    George Cooley

    Moving the capital is not realistic AND NOT IMPORTANT
    If you would remove this point I would consider your candidacy, especially now with Covid 19
    I AM AN INDEPENDENT VOTER and now part of the the largest voting group in America

  6. Avatar

    Love this

  7. Avatar
    Christina Lucero

    I am very impressed with you views and agree with most. But I disagree whole heartedly on moving the federal capital. As a native Coloradoan, this is the worst idea I have ever heard. The damage to our beautiful state, both in nature and in economy would be devastating. I agree with Zoeie also. I makes you seem like you don’t really want to be a serious candidate. It would never fly, no matter who is in charge. If you pick your battles wisely and choose to fall on you sword over things that really impact and make change, you are a better person and candidate.
    Drop the bin to move the White House, make you platform a 21 point strategy and I’ll give you my “21 gun salute” with my vote!

  8. billisrunning

    Sometimes you have to Listen to Lead. Partly thanks to comments from Coloradans (who don’t like the idea of moving the nation’s capital to the foot of the Rockies) and partly thanks to my own recent drive through the nation’s capital on my way from New Jersey back to the South, I’m dropping the suggestion of “Lincoln, D.C.”

    I still support D.C. statehood and still think we should explore original and innovative ways to really fix Washington.

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    Trying to help

    In the last 3 elections it has become increasingly clear that our country is becoming increasingly divided along the lines of urban vs rural. Making generalizations is not currently politically correct, but generally states that are dominated by wealthy urban centers have voted for candidates of the Democratic Party. Within states the urban areas also lean to the left. This makes sense because Urban areas have very different needs than rural areas. There is a much greater need for policies involving intense social issues. Gun control, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, availability of health care, affordable housing, etc. Clearly these are universal issues, but they are much more intense in the urban areas. Solving these issues is paramount, so keeping taxes low is a secondary issue. Finding funding for the programs involves increasing the taxes. On the other hand, the rural areas have populations involved in manufacturing and farming where keeping taxes down and decreasing government regulation are the most important issues. They don’t want to increase taxes to solve the social issues of the cities.
    This divide seems to be increasing with every election. In the last election, if you look at the ranking of the states by household income, 9 of the 10 wealthiest states voted for Hillary, and 9 of the 10 poorest states voted for Trump. If a party is going to emerge to bridge the gap between the left and the right, it will need to address both rural and urban issues. It seems important to find a way to decrease government intervention and taxes for the rural areas, and yet increase social programs and taxes for the urban areas? For example, can you have gun control only for the cities? Can you have reduced taxes only for the rural areas?

  10. Avatar
    Kathleen McSherry

    Although I don’t agree with all of the points above, I agree with many of them–enough to consider voting outside my normal Republican party.

  11. Avatar
    R.B. Duncan

    Hi Bill,

    I agree it’s long overdue for Congessional & Judicial term limits. The other thing that gets me is how some people are still senators and justices for 25-40+ years now in their 70s and 80s, gripping onto their power til the death. (We’ve seen this with McCain, Cummings, Lewis, and Ginsburg sadly most recently) We’re a capitalist economy where corporations “force” retirement on regular Americans like my Dad at 65 while the “special elected individuals” like Pelosi, McConnell, and many more keep making far more than regular Americans could ever dream. Not only can they afford to retire but their retirement plans are once again beyond the average American. It’s obvious that their power & legacy seems to be difficult to relinquish, especially when they’ve had it for years. But when terminally I’ll and able to retire at least groom a protege to take over. The income taxes do need to decrease or be disappear. I’m curious of your take on how to mend the divide between BLM and police. The Democrats and Republicans both give and take with the police unions.(police accountability should be like welfare, unions get federal money when they show the departments serve with fairness) I’d like to know how you’d keep the police reports (perhaps police staff incidental reports for the public) and to truly serve with decency. Also how can we as a nation denounce all hate groups around the country? We also need more independents in Congress that represents more than just the duopoly our country continues to cling to. I enjoy your fresh take of the nation and wish you the very best.


  12. Avatar
    Moderate Middle

    Bill- I agree with the majority of your points, particularly on fiscal policy, tax reform and term limits for senators and supreme court justices. I was somewhat surprised to see you were quiet on several social issues. Number 19 “Life and Death” states that you “support the Right to Choose,” to clarify is this a woman’s right to chose (i.e. to terminate a pregnancy) or a states right to implement the death penalty? Also no mention of LGBTQ issues- do you support same sex marriage?

  13. billisrunning

    I support the Right to Choose in the sense of a woman’s Right to Choose. And yes, I support same sex marriage.

    My support for both comes from my Libertarian leanings.

  14. Avatar
    Ed Oppermann

    I see a lot of common sense in most of your points. I’m tired of the “my way or the highway” BS that is going on between GOP & Dems. They need to learn to COMPROMISE. However, I see nothing about how you stand on education. If you want to drop the voting age to 16 (I don’t agree with that one) I’d like these kids to be educated enough to vote properly and not just because “all my friends are voting for him/her” or because “mommy & daddy are voting for him/her”. (I’m sure I’ll get a ration of $hi# for that one. But, I’m old and a military retiree so I really am not worried about what over sensitive America thinks of me.)
    So, now that you know I don’t agree with that point. What are your views on education in the US?

  15. Avatar
    Phil B.

    In my recent frustrations I was asking friends “where’s Pat Paulsen when you need him?”
    Not comparing you to him, but you seem like the best alternative – you got my vote.

  16. Avatar

    Almost want to vote for you. But your stance on marijuana is horrible. Its recreational use dwarfs that of medical. The effects of it is more dangerous than DUI. Its use is a clear sign of immorality in this country. But you want to legalize it? I don’t know who to vote for. Everyone else is a loser, but too many men and women have died and suffered from illegal activities marijuana for you to make us give up on war against it. What’s next? If enough irresponsible citizens want to legalize heroin, we do that, too? You should do the right thing, not what is right to gain vote because face it, you are not gonna win any election. So might as well stay true.

  17. Avatar
    Ivy G.

    Interesting platform, not too extreme anywhere and expressed in plain English. Interesting, will consider you. Can you expand a bit more on your approach to environmental issues other than stating you believe in climate change and think it needs to be addressed? Good luck and best wishes.

  18. Avatar
    Ed Oppermann

    Mr Hammons,
    Third try for a response.
    What are your views on education?
    I see nothing in the 33 points that address education.
    I agree with most of what you stand for but I see nothing about education.
    What are your views on education?
    Third try for a response.

    1. billisrunning

      Mr Opperman,

      I of course support education. I believe you were specifically asking about education and giving 16yo’s the right to vote. I can’t think of a better civics lesson than including them in the decision-making process. The sooner we get them involved, the sooner they’ll (hopefully) be responsible citizens who take their civic duties seriously.

  19. Avatar
    Ed Oppermann

    I will never agree with 16yo’s voting but, that’s part of living in a free country. Agree to disagree.
    Anyway, is there anywhere I can read more about your views on making education better throughout the states and perhaps more affordable for college kids? My daughter is a teacher and I’m tired of hearing how they have to constantly “teach to the test” because of BS rules made up by non teachers. We (the family) also pitch in on items for her classroom to help make it nicer for the kids because schools are not funded as well as the police etc. (no, I don’t want to de fund the cops) And this is in a school on Ft. Carson. In my opinion the child IS being left behind nowadays.
    BTW, you have my vote. I’m glad to see someone running on the “Common Sense” ticket.

    1. billisrunning

      Thanks for the vote, Ed! Eliminate the property tax system, which only reinforces the inequities in the educational system and society as a whole, and make student loans more affordable (not the same as free college – students need to have some skin in the game financially).

      And thank you to your daughter for her service (I grew up the son of an Army officer). A better tax system can also better fund schools generally.

  20. Avatar
    Marc Graham

    I agree with many of Bill’s positions but Bill is wrong about the Supreme Court and Trump’s impeachment (complete partisan waste), so I will not vote for Bill. I am genuinely looking for a 3rd party candidate.

  21. Avatar
    Jason Peckman

    I like enough about your platform that I will vote for you. My Colorado ballot is 6 pages in length and the only bubble I have not filled in is for President. I had considered leaving it blank to show how I feel about the two major party’s candidates, but I am glad I read your 33 points. The Unity party has many ideas I want to know more about.

    As for critics of lowering the voting age to 16 I would like to point out that the voting age was 21 years old prior to 1971. My father could not vote in 1968 at age 18 even though he had enlisted in the Army. Sixteen year olds are facing societal stresses such as school shootings, civil unrest and a viral pandemic that older generations did not face at that age. We may be underestimating the next generation’s ability to make mature decisions.

    You are in favor of making Washington DC a state, and I would like to know your opinion of adding Puerto Rico as the “balancing” state instead of a western state. This question about should DC be a state is a fascinating example of modernity pushing the boundaries of what the founding fathers envisioned when they annexed land from Maryland and Virginia to create Washington DC.

    1. billisrunning

      Thanks, Jason! I’ll be exploring the DC issue in further detail after the 3rd (among other Electors, I’ll be reaching out to the 3 DC Presidential Electors for their Faithful Elector votes (“Faithful” to the original intent of the Constitution by not necessarily voting for the winner of the popular vote)). Another idea someone posed to me while I was petitioning on the East Coast was returning DC to the State of Maryland, though that brings up the original issue of placing a national capital in the hands of an individual State, giving it too much power.

  22. Avatar

    In the last few hours leading up to the “big day” I’ve decide third party is the way to go. And you are looking like the best bet here, however I have a few concerns. As a Colorado native please, please do not move the capital here. We already have a problem with tourists moving here and overflowing the state.

    The impeachment thing (specifically about trump) doesn’t phase me, for the simple fact that hopefully we won’t have to deal with it again.

    What do you mean by “sales of new firearms to those who shouldn’t own them banned”? What qualifies a person unable to purchase a firearm? What are you going to look for in a person to know that they can/possess a firearm?

    I think we should teach kids better about politics but I wouldn’t let them vote. This generation would ultimately pick Kanye just for fun.

    Good luck tomorrow.

    1. billisrunning

      Duly noted re: the Capital (as already noted on the site, I dropped the idea a while back based on feedback from Coloradans and others).

      Someone who posts on Social Media about conducting mass shootings probably shouldn’t own a firearm.

      The “Kid” vote wouldn’t be perfect, but frankly I haven’t been too impressed with the votes of their parents and grandparents to-date (hence the desire to expand the electorate).

      And thanks for betting on me 🙂

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