Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

Border Wall > I support a Wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, not because I’m racist but because we’re already experiencing Climate Migration from Central America, and what Europe, shielded as it is by the Mediterranean, has experienced will be nothing to what the U.S. will experience in coming years. I believe in limited, legal and orderly immigration with arriving families treated humanely (no family separations). I don’t support cross-border chaos.

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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  1. billisrunning

    Valarie, as I’ve been saying for years, an illegal act (unlawful entry) shouldn’t be rewarded with US citizenship. However, children shouldn’t be punished for their parents’ actions, and those who have been here illegally since childhood should be allowed to stay and qualify for eventual citizenship. On a personal note, I was born on an American military base in Germany to American parents (Dad was in the Army), I came to the States for the first time when I was 3 1/2 (one of my first memories is looking through the airplane window at the Atlantic below as we descended into a DC area airport), and, if my parents hadn’t been US citizens and I was today sent back to Germany because I happened to be born there, that would be bizarre beyond comprehension.

  2. Valarie Rico

    What is your stance on the illegal immigration status and the Dreamers Act?

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