Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

COVID-19 Response > The Cold War-era Defense Production Act should have been fully invoked at the beginning of the COVID Crisis to prioritize the manufacture and distribution of as many N95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, ventilators, and other products (all stamped prominently with the US Star logo seen on WWII-era military aircraft and the words “Made in the USA”) as are needed to keep both healthcare workers and the general public safe; any excess stock can be loaned or outright gifted to countries with less resources, both as a goodwill gesture and to prevent future waves of this germ from washing back into our own country. The use of face masks should be strongly encouraged nationwide (and mandated for flying by the FAA) until a highly effective vaccine is in production, Contact Tracers should have been hired en masse as soon as people started to lose their old jobs, and this Summer was a lost opportunity to finally begin repairing our dilapidated roads, bridges and highways with massive and labor-intensive projects (many American workers would’ve had the opportunity for new careers working the phones or working in the Great Outdoors).

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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  1. Adam

    Great point! Need to take these ideas and find traction in states with opportunity! Engage construction companies and DOT actors to spark the idea while somehow leaving trace ideas about unity behind the effort.

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