Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

Freedom Tariffs > The recent Economic Stimulus payments demonstrated that the US Government can easily get money into the bank accounts of US Citizens with just routing and account numbers; as President, I will immediately impose Freedom Tariffs on Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and other Bad Actors who also happen to directly or indirectly import large volumes of Climate Change-inducing products into this country; the resulting revenues can be immediately (on a weekly basis) remitted into the bank accounts or onto the paycards of all Americans.

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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  1. Adam

    All about free trade and capitalism, but don’t you think this might incentivize individuals who may work in companies to further these type products for their own profit? Wouldn’t funding research efforts against climate change, renewable energy subsidies or revitalizing our infrastructure to better manage pollution be a more fitting use of tariff monies?

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