Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

Life and Death > I support the Right to Choose, and I also support the Death Penalty (in cases beyond all doubt, I respect the will of the voters).

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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  1. Gabby

    In response to Michael, abortion is not wrong. It has helped people make difficult choices when thinking of the child they are carrying. Why would someone want to bring a child into the world that has a disease that will kill them not long after being born? Why would someone want to bring a child into the world where the parents can’t rightfully give the child the kind of life that they deserve? Adoption centers and foster homes have so many children and a lot of them are being abused. What about women who were raped by strangers or those that they trusted? Why should we make people suffer?

    As far as the death penalty goes: prisons are overflowing with people. Though it is a difficult topic to discuss, especially taking in the ethical point of view, why shouldn’t people who killed so many people without remorse live? What is the point? They killed people, they had no regrets. If we helped other people and reintegrate them into society, there’s a lot that’s going to need to be done with doing so, but I do believe that there should be some people who receive the death penalty and others who are properly integrated back into society depending on the type of crime they committed.

  2. Michael B. Fannon

    How is it unity to kill babies in the first 9 months of life through abortion? How is it unity to do to the horrible criminals the same thing they are jailed for doing? Abortion and the death penalty are wrong. Abortion is especially barbaric. I encourage you to see the videos on the website for more insight that can help in your campaign.

    My regards.

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