Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

Supreme Court > In addition to having its power limited with Term Limits, the Supreme Court should be expanded to 13 Justices and capped at that number by Constitutional Amendment, with the Chief Justice only voting in the case of a tie of the other Justices (the Constitution never specified the number of Justices, instead leaving that to Congress, and such an Amendment will prevent future court packing schemes). The four Justices who would be added to the current nine by this process should include two from the ideological right and two from the left, or better yet, two or four Justices who have no shown no ideological bias but instead a simple reverence for Common Sense. For the record, I am a hardcore Originalist, a firm believer that the Constitution is not a “living” document but a written document.

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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