Platform Position of Unity Party Candidate Bill Hammons

Make 16 Minimum Voting and Donating Age > When Americans are old enough to drive at 16, they should be old enough to make political donations and vote in elections; conversely, Americans should not be able to make political donations if they’re not allowed to vote in the first place (note that the current minimum age to make a Federal campaign contribution is zero).

Unity Party of America Candidate Bill Hammons Entire Official Platform

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  1. ?

    A little late but this is easily the most ridiculous of any of the points you try to make. It’s trying to build on the same logic that was used during the the mid-20th century that moved the voting age from 21 to 18. And look how that has changed. You already have a voter base <21 that: 1) doesn't vote 2) is voting on various topics that are benign to them 3) most don't pay taxes or tax changes don't effect them because they don't make enough. It's almost like you want to feed a hivemind that will vote against your third-party.

    1. billisrunning

      And your comment easily has to be the most ridiculous I’ve seen on this site.

  2. Gabby

    Personally, I feel like the voting age should be kept at 18 and donating should be moved to 18. Although 16 is the age for being able to drive (or 15 with a permit), brains are still being developed at the age of 16 and there are a lot of emotions with 16 year olds. The way I see it is, 18 is the adult age in many aspects and it should be that way across the board to ensure proper decision making. It’s hard to say where I’m trying to go with this without ranting but I do believe that voting and donations should be at the age of 18.

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