The Alliance Party

Note no one in this Party Guide has any affiliation with Bill Hammons or the Unity Party of America

The Alliance Party is a centrist American political party which was formed in 2019 out of a gathering of third parties which first began at the Denver August 2018 Unite Summit hosted by the organization Unite America. The Alliance Party has gained affiliations with the American Party of South Carolina (now the Alliance Party of South Carolina), the Independence Party of Minnesota (now the Independence-Alliance Party of Minnesota), and the Independent Party of Connecticut.

In 2020, the Alliance Party nominated as its Presidential candidate perennial also-ran Rocky De La Fuente (aka Roque De La Fuente) who, among many other notable failures, came in last in the State of New Jersey, behind a Communist, despite immense personal wealth. (Full disclosure: 2020 US Presidential Candidate Bill Hammons also sought the Alliance Party nomination, in addition to that of his own Unity Party. Additional full disclosure: he went on to beat De La Fuente in New Jersey.)

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