The American Solidarity Party

Note no one in this Party Guide has any affiliation with Bill Hammons or the Unity Party of America

The American Solidarity Party (ASP) is a US Christian Democratic political party in the United States. It was founded in 2011 and officially incorporated in 2016. The party is led by its Solidarity National Committee (SNC) and has numerous active state and local chapters, according to Wikipedia. Brian Carroll was the party’s nominee in the 2020 presidential election and received just over 20,000 votes nationwide.

Christian democracy is a political ideology that emerged in 1800s Europe as a combination of modern democratic ideas and traditional Christian values. Christian democracy is often considered center-right on cultural, social and moral issues, but center-left on economic and labor issues, civil rights, and foreign policy as well as the environment.

The ASP encourages social development along the lines of subsidiarity and sphere sovereignty (whatever that means) with a stated emphasis on “the importance of strong families, local communities, and voluntary associations.” As a socially conservative political party, they also have a stated policy of defending religious freedom. The American Solidarity Party favors a social market economy (a socioeconomic model designed to be a third way between laissez-faire economic liberalism and Socialism) and seeks “widespread economic participation and ownership” through supporting small business. The ASP platform also calls for providing a safety net, conservation and transition toward more renewable sources of energy, and rejecting population control measures.

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