The Socialist Workers Party

Note no one in this Party Guide has any affiliation with Bill Hammons or the Unity Party of America

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is a Communist party in the United States. Originally a group in the Communist Party USA that supported Leon Trotsky against Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (at least they have that going for them), it places a priority on “solidarity work” to aid strikes and is strongly supportive of Cuba. The SWP publishes The Militant, a weekly newspaper which dates back to 1928 and was one of two newspapers Lee Harvey Oswald held in hand during his infamous backyard photo with the rifle which killed President John F. Kennedy.

2020 Socialist Workers Party Presidential nominee Alyson Kennedy received under 7,000 votes in that year’s Election, despite bearing the last name of arguably America’s most popular historical President, and despite being on the ballot in six States with access to a total of 53 Electoral College Votes as well as having official write-in status in eight more States for a total of 67 additional Electoral College Votes.

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