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Arizona State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

Arizona Governor and 202Arizona Gubernatorial Candidates

Arizona Governor
Doug Ducey
  1. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (Republican) (Ducey’s Campaign Site)

Senior Arizona US Senator and 2024 US Senate Candidates

  1. Senior United States Senator From Arizona Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat) (Sinema’s Campaign Site)

Junior Arizona US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates

  1. Junior United States Senator From Arizona Mark Kelly (Democrat) (Kelly’s Campaign Site)

Arizona 2020 United States Senate Special Election Also-Ran Candidates:

  1. United States Senator Martha McSally (Republican) (McSally’s Campaign Site) [Appointed to replace Jon Kyl; Special Election fills remaining two years of term]
  2. Ex-State Libertarian Party Vice Chair, Businessman Barry Hess (Libertarian/Write-In)
  3. Businessman, Inventor, USAF Veteran Alan White (Libertarian/Write-In)
  4. Progressive Activist Mohammad Arif (Write-In)
  5. Army Veteran Christopher Beckett (Write-In)
  6. 2018 Candidate Edward Davida (Write-In)
  7. Chiropractor Matthew “Doc” Dorcester (Write-In)
  8. Engineering Technician, Electrician, USMC Veteran, 2018 Candidate Nicholas Glenn (Write-In)

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