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Louisiana State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)

(Note Louisiana uses a Nov/Dec Jungle Primary system)

Louisiana Partisan Voting Index: R+11

Louisiana Governor and 2023 Colorado Gubernatorial Candidates

Governor John Bel Edwards
  1. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (Democrat) > Term Limited in 2023
  1. Attorney General Jeff Landry (Republican)
  2. Lt Governor Billy Nungesser (Republican)
  3. Secretary of State John Schroder (Republican)
  4. State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain (Republican)

Senior Louisiana US Senator and 2026 US Senate Candidates

  1. Current Senior United States Senator From Louisiana Bill Cassidy (Republican) (Cassidy’s Campaign Site)

Junior Louisiana US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates

  1. Current Junior United States Senator From Louisiana John Kennedy (Republican) (Kennedy’s Campaign Site)
  2. Businessman, Law Student, 2020 US Senate Candidate Xan John (I)
  3. Volunteer Firefighter Nicholas Parham (I)

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    Can you please let me know the thought process in reducing the income limitations for the stimulus package. It seems to me the middle class that pays the taxes in this country continually get penalized while we reward contributors to politicians with tunnels, bridges, and money for teachers who won’t go to class. This middle class is not the people that make $400,000.00/year. It seems to me that if you get rid of all the crap in this $1.9 Trillion Dollar Package you could probably give each household in this country a large amount of cash to pay bills, rent, and get back on their feet.
    “THAT IS STIMULUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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