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Louisiana State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

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(Note Louisiana uses a Nov/Dec Jungle Primary system)

Governor John Bel Edwards

Louisiana Governor and 2023 Colorado Gubernatorial Candidates

  1. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (Democrat) > Term Limited in 2023
  1. Attorney General Jeff Landry (Republican)
  2. Lt Governor Billy Nungesser (Republican)
  3. Secretary of State John Schroder (Republican)
  4. State Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain (Republican)
US Senator Bill Cassidy

Senior Louisiana US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

  1. United States Senator Bill Cassidy (Republican) (Cassidy’s Campaign Site)
  2. Welder Dustin Murphy (Republican)
  3. Lawyer, Disability Advocate Derrick Edwards (Democrat)
  4. Sanders Campaign Activist Drew Knight (Democrat)
  5. Shreveport Mayor, Lawyer, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran Adrian Perkins (Democrat)
  6. Community Activist, 2016 City Council Candidate, 2015 State Representative Candidate Antoine Pierce (Democrat)
  7. Teacher Peter Wenstrup (Democrat)
  8. Surgeon Aaron Sigler (Libertarian)
  9. Businessman, USMC Veteran, 2016 Candidate, 2015 Gubernatorial Candidate Beryl Billiot (Independent)
  10. Epidemiologist, Health Sciences Librarian John Paul Bourgeois (Independent)
  11. Retired Teacher Reno Daret III (Independent)
  12. Businessman, Law Student Xan John (Independent)
  13. Ex-Assistant USAF Inspector General, Farmer Vinny Mendoza (Independent)
  14. Lawyer, Mechanical Engineer, Navy Veteran Jamar “Doc” Montgomery (Independent)
  15. Homeless Advocate, 2019 Sheriff Candidate Melinda Price (Independent)
US Senator John Kennedy

Junior Louisiana US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates

  1. US Senator John Kennedy (Republican) (Kennedy’s Campaign Site)
US Representative Steve Scalise

Louisiana 1st Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Steve Scalise (Republican) (House Minority Whip Site) (Scalise’s Campaign Site)
  2. Disabled Navy Veteran, Democratic Activist Lee Ann Dugas (Democrat)
  3. Computer Programmer, 2016 Candidate Howard Kearney (Libertarian)
US Representative
Cedric Richmond

Louisiana 2nd Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Cedric Richmond (Democrat) (Richmond’s Campaign Site)
  2. Glenn Harris (Democrat)
  3. David Schilling (Republican)
  4. Businessman, Navy Veteran, 2018/2019 Local Candidate Sheldon Vincent (Republican)
  5. Sports Coach, Community Activist Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste (Independent)
  6. Army Veteran Colby James (Independent)
US Representative 
Clay Higgins

Louisiana 3rd Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Clay Higgins (Republican) (Higgins’s Campaign Site)
  2. Construction Worker, Ex-IT Professional, Artist, 2018 Candidate Rob Anderson (Democrat)
  3. Pastor, Nonprofit Executive, Consultant Braylon Harris (Democrat)
  4. Libertarian Activist Brandon LeLeux (Libertarian)
US Representative Mike Johnson

Louisiana 4th Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Mike Johnson (Republican) (Johnson’s Campaign Site)
  2. Firefighter, USAF Veteran Ben Gibson (Republican)
  3. Teacher, Mental Health Specialist Kenny Houston (Democrat)
  4. Political Organizer, Ex-Auto Mechanic, Environmental Activist Ryan Trundle (Democrat)
US Representative 
Ralph Abraham

Louisiana 5th Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Ralph Abraham (Republican) (Retiring in 2020)
  2. Truck Driver Allen Guillory (Republican)
  3. State Representative, Businessman, Farmer, Ex-Banker Lance Harris (Republican)
  4. Retired Army NCO Matt Hasty (Republican)
  5. Ex-Congressional Aide, Ex-Gubernatorial Aide Luke Letlow (Republican)
  6. Ouachita Parish Police Jury President, Realtor Scotty Robinson (Republican)
  7. Clinical Social Worker, Nonprofit Founder Candy Christophe (Democrat)
  8. Lawyer Jesse Lagarde (Democrat)
  9. Grambling State University Executive VP/COO Martin Lemelle (Democrat)
  10. Phillip Snowden (Democrat)
US Representative 
Garret Graves

Louisiana 6th Congressional District US House Representative and 2020 Candidates

  1. US Representative Garret Graves (Republican) (Graves’ Campaign Site)
  2. Businessman, Author, Felon Dartanyon “DAW” Williams (Democrat)
  3. Businesswoman, Artist, 2019 Parish Council Candidate Shannon Sloan (Libertarian)
  4. Electronics Technician, USMC/USAF Veteran, 1983/2012 Candidate Richard “RPT” Torregano (Independent)

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