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Maryland State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

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Maryland Governor and 2022 Maryland Gubernatorial Candidates

Maryland Governor
Larry Hogan
  1. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (Republican) > Term-Limited in 2022
  2. Ex-State Delegate, Lawyer, Anti-Tax Activist Robin Ficker (Republican)
  3. State Comptroller, Ex-State Delegate, Lawyer, Ex-Congressional Aide, Army Veteran Peter Franchot (Democrat)
  4. Upholsterer Ed Tinus (Democrat)
  1. Harford County Executive, Ex-State Senator, Ex-State Delegate, Ex-County Councilman Barry Glassman (Republican)
  2. State Natural Resources Secretary, Ex-State Delegate, 2014 Lt Gov Candidate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio (Republican)
  3. Ex-Howard County Executive, Ex-State Senate Minority Leader, Lawyer Allan Kittleman (Republican)
  4. Liquor Store Owner Joe Petro (Republican)
  5. Lt Governor, Ex-State Cabinet Secretary, Ex-USDA Official, Lawyer Boyd Rutherford (Republican)
  6. State Commerce Secretary, Ex-State Delegate, Ex-Legislative Aide Kelly Schulz (Republican)
  7. Prince George’s County Executive, Ex-Prince George’s State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks (Democrat)
  8. Congressman, Ex-Lt Governor, Ex-State Delegate, Lawyer, Iraq War Veteran, 2014 Nominee Anthony Brown (Democrat)
  9. Ex-Congressman, Lawyer, Businessman, 2020 Presidential Candidate John Delaney (Democrat)
  10. Ex-Attorney General, Ex-Montgomery County State’s Attorney, 2014 Candidate Doug Gansler (Democrat)
  11. Ex-NAACP National President, Venture Capitalist, 2018 Nominee Ben Jealous (Democrat)
  12. State Delegate, Lawyer Brooke Lierman (Democrat)
  13. Ex-Governor, Ex-Baltimore Mayor, Lawyer, 2016 Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley (Democrat)
  14. Baltimore County Executive, Ex-State Delegate, Ex-Teacher “Johnny O” Olszewski Jr. (Democrat)
  15. Congressman, Lawyer John Sarbanes (Democrat)
  16. Congressman, Wine Store Chain Owner David Trone (Democrat)
  17. Ex-Howard County Executive, Ex-County Councilman, Lawyer, 2014 Lt Gov Nominee Ken Ulman (Democrat)
  18. State Senator, Ex-State Delegate, Nonprofit Official, Sociologist Mary Washington (Democrat)

Senior Maryland US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates

  1. Senior United States Senator From Maryland Ben Cardin (Democrat) (Cardin’s Campaign Site)

Junior Maryland US Senator and 2022 US Senate Candidates

  1. Junior United States Senator From Maryland Chris Van Hollen (Democrat) (Van Hollen’s Campaign Site)
  2. Michelle Smith (Democrat)
  3. Governor, Ex-State Cabinet Member, Businessman Larry Hogan (Republican)

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