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Junior US Senator From Minnesota Tina Smith

Minnesota’s Junior Representative in United States Senate

Senator Tina Smith is Up for Reelection in 2026

United States Senator
Tina Smith


United States Senator Tina Smith’s US Senate Website

Tina Smith’s Campaign Website

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And find Senator Smith’s Election Opponents and other Minnesota Elected Officials

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  1. michael harvey

    hi tina i want you to know my conditions have been terrible i have been going through severe flasbacks from abuse and i am so emotionally overwhelmed by understanding the enormous satanic conspiracy. I am wondering if you could have mercy on me and pull strings a little to see if well stone will let me stay there.
    I loved paul wellstone he was a reformer I know he was even trying help the lgbt population become moral i am going top some so amazing he was discovering that almost none of them could be helped i have little doubt that they were heavily involved in his death of course immoral people are part of conspiracies please help me

  2. billisrunning

    Senator Smith’s page now up (note this is a different Senator Smith than Cindy Hyde-Smith, US Senator representing the State of Mississippi).

    Yes, two Mrs. Smiths went to Washington.

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