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Junior US Senator For Pennsylvania Pat Toomey

Pennsylvania‘s Junior Representative in United States Senate

Senator Pat Toomey is Up for Reelection in 2022

United States Senator
Pat Toomey


United States Senator Pat Toomey’s US Senate Website

Pat Toomey’s Campaign Website

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  1. Deb Melson

    Good Morning, Senator Toomey,
    I see you are up for reelection in 2022. I URGE you to stand up to election fraud before the electoral votes get cast. Time and honor are at stake. Please encourage other PA senators to stand up to election fraud. As an American citizen, I am doing my part by writing you and urging you to stand up to election fraud, in the interest of preserving our American way of life. Please do your part, so that there can be a reelection for you in 2022. I am concerned that if nothing gets done, there won’t be an America left, and the Constitution may become inactive. I really would not want this to happen. Would you?

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