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Utah State Governor, US Senators & Representatives

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Gary Herbert
Utah Governor and 2020 Gubernatorial Candidates (Actual/Potential):

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R) > Retiring in 2020

  1. Businessman, Real Estate Investor Jeff Burningham (R)
  2. Lt Governor, Ex-State Representative, Ex-Sanpete County Commissioner, Ex-Fairview Mayor Spencer Cox (R)
  3. Ex-State House Speaker, Property Manager Greg Hughes (R)
  4. Ex-US Ambassador to Russia, Ex-Governor, Ex-US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr (R)
  5. Salt Lake County Councilwoman, Public Relations Consultant Aimee Winder Newton (R)
  6. Ex-State GOP Chair, Ex-RNC Vice Chair, Real Estate Broker, Utah State Regent Thomas Wright (R)
  7. Travel Agency Owner Zachary Moses (D)
  1. Ex-State Senate Minority Leader, Businessman, 2000/2012 US Sen Nominee Scott Howell (D)
  2. Businessman Peter Metcalf (D)
  3. Ex-Salt Lake County Sheriff, Ex-Moab Police Chief Jim Winder (D)
US Senator Mike Lee
Senior Utah US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates
(Actual Candidate / Potential Candidate / No Website)
  1. US Senator Mike Lee (R) (Lee’s Campaign Site)
US Senator Mitt Romney
Junior Utah US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates
  1. US Senator Mitt Romney (R) (Romney’s Campaign Site)

Utah’s 1st Congressional District Representative and 2020 US House Candidates

(Utah District 1 Partisan Voting Index: R+26)

  • Brigham City
  • Logan
  • Ogden
  • Roosevelt
  • Smithfield
  • Snowville
  • Vernal
  1. US Representative Rob Bishop (Republican) > Candidate for Lt Governor
  1. Morgan County Councilwoman, Accountant, GOP Activist Tina Cannon (Republican)
  2. Businessman, Lawyer, GOP Activist Doug Durbano (Republican)
  3. Ex-State Agriculture Commissioner, Ex-Weber County Commissioner, Ex-State Representative Kerry Gibson (Republican)
  4. Rancher, Community Activist Jessy McKee (Republican)
  5. Management Consultant, Ex-US Foreign Service Officer Blake Moore (Republican)
  6. Clearfield Mayor, Ex-Clearfield City Councilman, Realtor Mark Shepherd (Republican)
  7. Davis County Commissioner, Ex-Layton City Mayor, Home Builder Bob Stevenson (Republican)
  8. Box Elder County Commissioner, Auto Glass Shop Owner Stan Summers (Republican)
  9. Retired Businessman, Ex-Teacher, 2012 Candidate Howard Wallack (Republican)
  10. Kaysville Mayor, Ex-Longmont (CO) City Councilwoman, Political Consultant Katie Witt (Republican)
  11. Researcher, Army Veteran, 2017 Mayor Candidate, 2018 School Board Candidate Joshua Cameron (Democrat)
  12. State Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator Jamie Cheek (Democrat)
  13. David Liggera (Democrat)
  14. Shoshone Tribe Chairman Darren Parry (Democrat)
  1. State Senate President, Ex-State Representative, Home Builder Stuart Adams (Republican)
  2. State Representative, Health Administrator Francis Gibson (Republican)
  3. Ex-RNC Member, Pharmaceutical Executive Bruce Hough (Republican)
  4. State Representative, Police Officer Lee Perry (Republican)
  5. State Representative, Trade Association CEO, Ex-Bank Manager, Ex-Police Officer Paul Ray (Republican)
  6. State Senator, Ex-State Representative, Rancher Scott Sandall (Republican)
  7. Credit Union CEO, Ex-State GOP Executive Director Scott Simpson (Republican)
  8. State GOP Vice Chair, Business Development Executive, Ex-Congressional Aide Aaron Starks (Republican)
  9. State Senator, Ex-State GOP Vice Chair, Lawyer Todd Weiler (Republican)
  10. Businessman Peter Metcalf (Democrat)

Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Representative and 2020 US House Candidates

(Utah District 2 Partisan Voting Index: R+16)

  • Cedar City
  • Grantsville
  • Richfield
  • Salt Lake City
  • St George
  • Tooele
  • West Jordan
  • West Valley City
  • West Wendover
  1. US Representative Chris Stewart (Republican) (Stewart’s Campaign Site)
  2. Retired Businesswoman, GOP Activist, 2018 Candidate Mary Burkett (Republican)
  3. Online Marketer, Ex-Retail Worker, 2018 US Sen Candidate Ty Jensen (Republican)
  4. Custom Knifemaker, Rancher, Diesel Mechanic Carson Jorgensen (Republican)
  5. Retired State Workforce Dept. Regional Director Randy Hopkins (Democrat)
  6. FInancial Advisor, Community Activist Ashley Jolin (Democrat)
  7. Substitute Teacher, Ex-State Libertarian Vice Chair Larry Livingston (Democrat)
  8. College Professor, Author, Ex-US State Dept. Official J. Kael Weston (Democrat)
  9. Doctor Joe Jarvis (United Utah)
  1. Ex-Congressional Aide, Ex-Investment Banker, Ex-CIA Agent, 2016 Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin (Independent)

Utah’s 3rd Congressional District Representative and 2020 US House Candidates

(Utah District 3 Partisan Voting Index: R+25)

  • Blanding
  • Green River
  • Moab
  • Provo
  • Sandy
  1. US Representative John Curtis (Republican) (Curtis’s Campaign Site)
  2. Copywriter Trey Robinson (Democrat)
  3. Nonprofit Founder, Author, Ex-Businessman Devin Thorpe (Democrat)
  4. Doctor, Christian Missionary Dan Cummings (Constitution)
  5. System Engineer, Sales Executive Russel Fugal (Independent)

Utah’s 4th Congressional District Representative and 2020 US House Candidates

(Utah District 4 Partisan Voting Index: R+13)

  • Ephraim
  • Nephi
  • Payson
  1. US Representative Ben McAdams (Democrat) (McAdams’ Campaign Site)
  2. Dental Office Manager, College Student Daniel Beckstrand (Democrat)
  3. Ex-State GOP Communications Director, Ex-Utah Federation of Republican Women President Kathleen Anderson (Republican)
  4. Nurse Practitioner, National Guard Officer Chris Biesinger (Republican)
  5. Banker, Lawyer, GOP Fundraiser Trent Christensen (Republican)
  6. State Representative, Charter School Founder, Political Consultant Kim Coleman (Republican)
  7. Sal Giove (Republican)
  8. Ex-Radio Talk Show Host, Author, App Developer Jay “JayMac” Mcfarland (Republican)
  9. Retired Pro Football Player, Businessman, Author, Conservative Activist Burgess Owens (Republican)
  10. Iraq War Veteran John Molnar (Libertarian)
  11. Writer, Community Activist Jonia Broderick (United Utah)
  1. Ex-West Jordan Mayor, Dentist Dave Alvord (Republican)
  2. Anti-Child Trafficking Activist, Author, Nonprofit CEO & Ex-CIA Agent Tim Ballard (Republican)
  3. Lawyer, 2018 Salt Lake City District Attorney Nominee Nathan Evershed (Republican)
  4. Ex-Congresswoman, Ex-Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love (Republican)
  5. Congressional Aide, Ex-Provo Deputy Mayor Corey Norman (Republican)

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