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Virginia State Governor, US Senators And Representatives

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Virginia Governor and 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates

Virginia Governor
Ralph Northam
  1. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (Democrat) > Term Limited in 2021
  2. Lt Governor, Lawyer, 2013 Attorney General Candidate Justin Fairfax (Democrat)
  3. State Delegate, Lawyer Jennifer Carroll Foy (Democrat)
  4. Ex-Governor, Ex-DNC Chair, Lawyer, Businessman Terry McAuliffe (Democrat)
  5. State Senator, Ex-State Delegate, DNC Member, Lawyer Jennifer McClellan (Democrat)
  6. State Senator, Financial Planner Amanda Chase (Republican)
  7. Sales Agent Merle Rutledge Jr. (Republican)
  1. Richmond Mayor, Ex-Secretary of the Commonwealth Levar Stoney (Democrat)
  2. Ex-State Senator, Retired Police Officer Bill Carrico (Republican)
  3. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair, Lawyer Neil Chatterjee (Republican)
  4. State Delegate, Ex-House Speaker, Retired Teacher Kirk Cox (Republican)
  5. Venture Capitalist, GOP Activist, 2013 Lt. Gov. Candidate Pete Snyder (Republican)
  6. Ex-Congressman, Businessman, 2017 GOP Candidate Denver Riggleman (Independent)

Senior Virginia US Senator and 2020 US Senate Candidates

  1. Senior Virginia United States Senator Mark Warner (Democrat) (Warner’s Campaign Site)
  2. College Professor, Retired Army Officer, Disabled Iraq War Veteran Daniel Gade (Republican)

Junior Virginia US Senator and 202US Senate Candidates

  1. Junior Virginia United States Senator Tim Kaine (Democrat) (Kaine’s Campaign Site)
  2. Transgender Rights Activist Zoey Maria King (Democrat)

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