For those of you who want to throw shade on this idea, keep in mind the current President asked about detonating nuclear weapons in hurricanes (which, aside from the obvious radiation issue, can’t work anyway, in case you’re wondering).

The concept of putting dust into the atmosphere to offset the warming effects of Climate Change is an idea which has been promoted by no less than Bill Gates and scientists at Harvard. As you’ll find by reading the article below, this would be a fast and inexpensive short-term solution to Climate Change, assuming that the safety experiments beforehand confirm that the risks can be managed (unlike the risks of runaway Climate Change). Such a project would be much more politically feasible than a Green New Deal, and would buy the planet time as fossil fuels and other sources of Greenhouse gases are rendered economically obsolete by market forces and a shift of taxation away from income and property.

I’m a firm believer that you have to capture the collective imagination to be successful at the mass level, and such a project should be called “The Krakatoa Project” after the volcano whose 1883 eruption cooled the planet (certainly gets more attention than “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment”). And have a simple logo.



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  1. Eric Bodenstab

    I am wary of this idea

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