Evy Hines, Hammons 2020 Senior Strategist & Communications Director

Communications Director, Unity Party’s United National Committee

Evy Hines grew up in the Greater Kansas City area with an early taste for justice at age 16 in a court case win against the state. Evy completed her Business Degree Summa Cum Laude while working a full-time job to fully support herself. She has worked on campaigns in Washington D.C. at Capitol Hill, and has traveled and lived in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America, assimilating cultures, languages and educations to fuel her ambitions to advocate for human rights.

Evy is the founder of numerous technology and education startups. She has a strong vision to bring balance and openness to the Unity Party of America.

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  1. Adam

    How do we make small steps into local community to enable new ideas from the ground up? I recognize running for president makes a statement, but building momentum from ground up would ensure political experience from a diversity of regions/people… what local offices here in Baton Rouge, LA could be sought after to start making a difference?

  2. billisrunning

    Anonymous, name recognition for half a century and no results to show for it.

  3. anonymous

    bill that is

  4. Anonymous

    Great ideas, but I think you should run for the LP party which has name recognition. Would’ve of voted for you

  5. Brian Halloran

    Shame on you running for President this year. Have you learned nothing from 2016? You can only hurt chances of beating Donald Trump. This election could easily mean the end of American democracy and start of an autocratic state? For what.. a few issues you support? Or vanity? Selfish. Shame on you.

  6. billisrunning

    Welcome aboard, Evy. Looking forward to working together!

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