US Presidential Candidate Bill Hammons Advocating Cloth Flags for Veterans

Cloth Flags for Veterans Dying of Coronavirus COVID-19 Transcript

Hello, my name’s Bill Hammons and I think, with a lot of our Veterans dying from COVID-19, new thought should be given to a Federal law which mandates that flags draped over Veterans should be made of cloth befitting the use, and not nylon or other fabrics.

My father died last August of complications from lung cancer which was a direct result of Agent Orange exposure during one of his tours in Vietnam.  It just so happens that his death was a lot like dying from COVID-19. As I outlined in a previous video, I was mortified when the hospice nurses, who otherwise provided great care, draped a nylon flag over my father’s body.

I thought there oughta be a law against that (cloth is the only appropriate material in this context), found out that there isn’t a law, and then spent months going in circles with the staff of several members of both the Senate and the US House trying to get a bill introduced into Congress.

At least one of those staffers asked if there was any national polling on the issue.  I’m happy to report that there is now a national poll in the works, on (yes, it just so happens that my father’s son is running for President of the United States).  Please look for the orange box, vote either way in that poll, and let’s get a law passed honoring our veterans when they most need it. It’s the least we can do.

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