“Election Day Message From Unity Party Nominee Hammons”

2020 Unity Party Presidential Nominee Hammons on Election Day

Afternoon!  My name’s Bill Hammons, and I am on the Presidential Ballot in several US States today.  If you don’t see my name, just write it in and be sure to get my last name right: H-A-M-M-O-N-S.

And don’t be afraid to vote for this 3rd party candidate, because your vote will be a meaningful statement.  I don’t know what the other candidates will be doing once the dust settles, whenever that will be, but as soon as appropriate I’ll be reaching to at least some of the 538 Electors in the Electoral College and persuading them to become Faithful Electors, faithful to the original vision of this Nation’s Founders as Presidential Electors being the Elder Statespeople who would give their vote some extra thought before December 14th and do what they sincerely think is best for the country.

And, if neither of my major party opponents get 270 Electoral votes because of disputed election results, and the Election gets thrown to the House of Representatives in January, what’s best for the country just might be that third option allowed for a US House floor vote by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution.

So vote your conscience, and be sure to donate at billisrunning.com.  It just so happens that I’ll be flying to DC in early December for my father’s Arlington service, and I’d like to think my father wouldn’t have minded if I offered to meet with Presidential Electors in DC, Virginia and Maryland while I was in the area.

So get outside (it’s a perfect day here where I am), and vote if you haven’t already.

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