“Unity US Presidential Nominee Hammons on 46th Birthday” Transcript

Thank you to everybody for all of the birthday wishes so far.  I am Bill Hammons, the Unity Party of America nominee for President of the United States, I am on the ballot from the Jersey Shore to the Gulf Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and I am 46 years old today.  Please click on the link below and donate $4.60, 46 bucks, or 4,600 bucks to the Unity Party.  This keeps us in business going into the final 18 days of this campaign and beyond.  You might be seeing this video thanks to 46 dollars of advertising.  While the two major parties tie everything up in court, I am going to be quietly lobbying the 538 Presidential Electors, convincing just one or two of them to cut the Unity Party a break when they meet in December.  And when the House of Representatives meets in January to decide this Election, which is entirely possible, per the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, the top 3 vote getters in the Electoral College will up for a vote for President in the House.  All I need is that magic #3 slot to be considered as the Compromise Candidate.

Those of you who are familiar with the Libertarian Party history might recall that the 1972 Libertarian ticket was on the ballot in only two States and received less than 4,000 votes, but also received its first set of Electoral College Votes from Roger MacBride, the man who created and produced The Little House on the Prairie.  That happened to also be the last set of Electoral College Votes for Libertarian candidates, but I digress.

Long story short: I don’t need to get 100 million votes this Election.  I just need to get one or two.  My vote counts have been in hockey stick mode since the 2018 Colorado Gubernatorial election, Unity Party voter registrations have been in hockey stick mode in 2020, and, with all due respect to my elders, I am 30 years younger than either of my major party opponents.  Today is Friday and Payday for many of you, any donation 50 bucks or less can remain anonymous, and every donation will be a vote for the future of America.


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