“Hammons & Bodenstab Explain Unity Party’s Unique Place” Transcript

Unity Party’s Bill Hammons and Eric Bodenstab on Unique Website

HAMMONS: Evening, this is Bill Hammons of Texas, Unity Party of America nominee for President of the United States.  It gives me great pleasure to do a video with my Vice Presidential running mate, Eric Bodenstab of Colorado, from the Bodenstab backyard here in Arvada, Colorado.

BODENSTAB: Hey there.

HAMMONS: I was looking through the list of Presidential tickets on the Colorado Division of Elections website and noticed that my running mate Eric is the only Veep Candidate who has his own separate campaign site.

BODENSTAB: ericforallofus.com.

HAMMONS: And I realized that the Unity Party is the only party which still nominates its Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees separately, with separate votes.  It’s a good thing that I’ve known Mr Bodenstab for 15 years now and he helped me start the Unity Party here in Colorado back in the Zeroes.

BODENSTAB: And my how we’ve grown.

HAMMONS: 42 states and counting.  So for you Constitution fans out there, the Unity Party is your Party.  We still choose our Presidential ticket as the Founding Fathers envisioned, with both candidates actually running, and with their own original ideas.  Uniters can get away with this because we get along, and we have to get along because we all meet in the Middle.  So, Mister Running Mate, any whacky platform ideas of your own you’d like to share?

BODENSTAB: Extend the Presidency to one six-year term with no re-election.

HAMMONS: What, so you can get the President out of the way that much quicker?

BODENSTAB: [Reading opened Accidental President book] Whatever works.

HAMMONS: There you have it.  Unity in action.  Be sure to visit billisrunning.com to make a donation.

BODENSTAB: And ericforallofus.com.

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