Unity Party’s Hammons on US Presidential Candidate Age” Transcript

Unity Party’s Hammons on US Presidential Candidate Age

Afternoon.  This is Bill Hammons, and I am a 2020 candidate for President of the United States.  Please see the link to the Presidential age page on my campaign site either in this video’s description field or in one of the comments for an age list, chart and preview.

The page on my site lists the ages of Candidates for President of the United States (youngest on top). Please note that only candidates on the ballot in three or more states in 2020 are listed.

It just so happens that I am the third youngest of 14 listed, with former Vice President Biden the oldest and President Trump the second oldest. You might argue I am the youngest viable candidate, if you don’t count the former child actor and the guy who just peed in a toilet on one of his Grammys.  Now look at the chart at bottom graphically demonstrating how mortality from COVID-19 increases dramatically after age 50, and tell me COVID-19 and Presidential age is not a national security issue.

Death is just the start of it. The doctor who treated British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called COVID “this generation’s polio,” and it was polio that put FDR in a wheelchair. Even worse, COVID can infect the brain, and do you want a President who becomes mentally impaired by COVID? A forgotten fact of history is that Woodrow Wilson’s own doctor diagnosed as the Spanish Flu the illness which left him bedridden for the last year of his Presidency, and we can arguably trace the origins of World War II to that illness. From the looks of it, I am the only Presidential candidate this year who has ever run a marathon (much less a 50-mile ultramarathon), I just hiked 14,000-foot Pikes Peak on Labor Day, and yes, I wear a hoodie around the house.

Think about the implications of age in this election, visit billisrunning.com to fund this super ultramarathon of mine, and stay safe this Fall.

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