Unity Party of America Presidential Ticket On NJ Ballot” Transcript

Unity Party Presidential Nominee Hammons Makes NJ Announcement

Good morning.  I am Bill Hammons of Texas, I am the 2020 Unity Party of America nominee for President of the United States (my running mate Eric Bodenstab of Colorado is the Unity Party’s nominee for Vice President), and I’m pleased to announce that it’s official as of 5pm on Friday: all 1,100 of our petition signatures were accepted, zero signatures were challenged, and we will be on the New Jersey Presidential ballot as Unity Party of America candidates.

I’m headed to Nashville today to lead the effort to get on the Tennessee ballot next (we need just 264 more petition signatures in the next 17 days).  Petitioning onto the ballot has its costs folks (gas, Airbnb, Office Depot, etc.), so please donate at either billisrunning.com or unityparty.us.  Thank you for your support, and thank you for your time.

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