Unity2020 Should Join 42-State Unity Party of America” Transcript

Unity Party Chairman Bill Hammons Invites Unity2020 to Join UP

Good morning, and hello from Arkansas.

This is Bill Hammons, 2020 Unity Party of America nominee for US President, and I am here in the South working on getting on the Louisiana and Tennessee ballots.

I appreciate the new wave of attention the Unity Party has received courtesy of Professor Bret Weinstein’s Unity2020 proposal.  His appearance on Tucker Carlson has gotten hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, his appearance on Joe Rogan has gotten millions of views, and the Unity Party has gotten a lot of new members the last few weeks thanks to people googling “Unity Party.”  I’m reminded of the morning after Unity08 launched back in 2007, when I woke up to triple digit emails in the Unity Party inbox.

To be clear, the Unity Party is not affiliated with Unity2020, and it would have been nice if Weinstein had pointed out that there already is a “Unity” organization, the Unity Party.  In fact, the professor is welcome to join us and advocate for his proposals within our organization (anyone with over 300,000 twitter followers will be heard out by our membership).  He’s also welcome to put his proposals into concrete action with the Unity Party.  Unity2020 has a website with no meaningful traffic and will gain no meaningful ballot access this late in the election cycle.  I should point out that the Unity Party has 42 state organizations, and myself and my running mate Eric Bodenstab are now on the ballot in multiple states (among other things, we’re now going back and forth with the State of New Jersey about Presidential Electors, but you get my point).

Those of you who want to make the theory of Unity2020 a reality should join that reality, the Unity Party of America.  The party website is unityparty.us and my campaign site is billisrunning.com.  Thank you for your time.

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