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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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In June the Unity Party of Colorado became only the 2nd new
officially-recognized political party in the State in the last
40 years! See the below video for more details!

Latest Bill Hammons videos:

For Media inquiries, contact:
Joe Gibbs, Communications Director
(801) 560-9929

Kendall Brown, Campaign Manager
(720) 822-0133

Aidan King, Deputy Campaign Manager
(970) 481-4433

For Hammons LinkedIn Profile with 2,000+ Connections click here
For Hammons Twitter Page on Talent, Running & Politics click here

A few of my Facebook Groups (No Endorsement by Followers or Members):
  • Actors, Artists, Authors, Models, Musicians, Photographers: Bill's List
    (2,000+ Members)
  • Models, Photographers, Fashion Designers, MUAs & Stylists - Bill's List
    (1,100+ Members)
  • South African Casting, Talent Agencies, Actors & Models - Bill's List
    (3,000+ Members)
  • BQ'ing & Beyond - Fast Marathoners, Ultramarathoners, Ambitious Runners
    (200+ Members)
  • Unity Party of America: American Political Movement @ www.unityparty.us
    (800+ Members)

  • And read his two cents on potential ballot fraud this November
    (ballot fraud is when the vote count [vs. the vote itself] is fraudulent).

    Latest Hammons for the People of Colorado Campaign Press Releases:

    2018 Bill Hammons Colorado Governor Platform (More to follow):
    1. Colorado Secession from a Trump America
    2. Colorado Balanced Budget
    3. Eliminate Income Taxes
    4. Crossroads Colorado
    5. Colorado Spaceport Development
    6. Life and Death
    7. Colorado Gun Rights
    8. Care for Coloradans
    9. Colorado Life Insurance
    10. Approval Voting
    11. Colorado Congressional Redistricting

    2016 Bill Hammons US Senate Platform:

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