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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

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Bill was the only party candidate to successfully petition onto the
2016 Colorado US Senate ballot (with 1,082 Petition Signatures out of 1K needed)
(And he signed a declaration to limit service to no more than 2 terms!)

The Unity Party of Colorado now has an affiliated-voter membership of 976+
(Total Colorado party registrations up 53% in last 39 days before Election!)

Latest Bill Hammons video:

All politics is local! Demand a Stoplight @ 30th/Euclid if you live in Boulder!

For Media inquiries, contact:
Joe Gibbs, Communications Director
(801) 560-9929

Kendall Brown, Campaign Manager
(720) 822-0133

Aidan King, Deputy Campaign Manager
(970) 481-4433

For Hammons LinkedIn Profile with 2,000+ Connections click here
For Hammons Twitter Page on Talent, Running & Politics click here

A few of my Facebook Groups (No Endorsement by Followers or Members):
  • Actors, Artists, Authors, Models, Musicians, Photographers: Bill's List
    (2,000+ Members)
  • Models, Photographers, Fashion Designers, MUAs & Stylists - Bill's List
    (1,100+ Members)
  • South African Casting, Talent Agencies, Actors & Models - Bill's List
    (3,000+ Members)
  • BQ'ing & Beyond - Fast Marathoners, Ultramarathoners, Ambitious Runners
    (200+ Members)
  • Unity Party of America: American Political Movement @
    (800+ Members)

  • And read his two cents on potential ballot fraud this November
    (ballot fraud is when the vote count [vs. the vote itself] is fraudulent).

    Latest Hammons for the People of Colorado Campaign Press Releases:

    2018 Bill Hammons Colorado Governor Platform (More to follow):
    1. Colorado Secession
    2. Colorado Balanced Budget
    3. Eliminate Income Taxes
    4. Life and Death
    5. Colorado Life Insurance
    6. Approval Voting

    2016 Bill Hammons US Senate Platform:

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