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Indian Peaks, Continental Divide, Colorado

Fund the Run and Unity Party, Join the Unity Party & Join the Conversation!

Bill makes the November ballot with 1,082 Petition Signatures
confirmed as valid by Colorado Elections Division out of 1,000 needed!

The Unity Party of Colorado now has an affiliated-voter membership of 433+!
(Total Colorado party registrations up 14% in July alone!)

All politics is local! Demand a Stoplight @ 30th/Euclid if you live in Boulder!

For Media inquiries, contact:
Joe Gibbs, Communications Director
(801) 560-9929

For other inquiries, contact:
Walter Kappler, Campaign Director
(614) 325-9357

Kendall Brown, Campaign Manager
(720) 822-0133

To obtain a Hammons ballot petition to circulate for signatures
by your family, friends and coworkers through 7/11, contact:
Aidan King, Deputy Campaign Manager
(970) 481-4433

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  • Latest Hammons for US Senate Campaign Press Releases:

    Bill Hammons Platform:

    Bill's Actual, Once-Potential & Former Opponents in 2016 Colorado
    US Senate Race (Potential Candidates in Italics [Updates Welcome]):
    1. US Senator Michael Bennet (D)
      US Senator Michael Bennet

    2. Businessman, 2012 US House Candidate Robert Blaha (R)
    3. Arapahoe County DA, Army Reserve Officer, Iraq Vet George Brauchler (R)*
    4. State Senate Pres., Ex-State Rep, Ex-Congress Aide Bill Cadman (R)
    5. Radio Show Host, Attorney Dan Caplis (R)
    6. Ex-State Solicitor General, Attorney Dan Domenico (R)
    7. Retired USAF Veteran and Tea Party Activist Charlie Ehler (R)
    8. Ex-Insurance Agent, Disabled Army Veteran Jerry Eller (R)
    9. Ex-City Councilor, Ex-NSA Spook, Ex-US Rep Nom. Ryan Frazier (R)
      US Senate Candidate Ryan Frazier

    10. El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn (R)
    11. Ex-CSU Athletic Director, Businessman Jack Graham (R)
    12. Ex-Brighton School Board Member, Realtor Tom Janich (R)
    13. Ex-State Rep, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran, Atty Jon Keyser (R)
    14. Mortgage Broker Michael Kinlaw (R)
    15. El Paso County Comm'r, Realtor, Ex-Teacher Peg Littleton (R)
      US Senate Candidate Peg Littleton

      (Image by Fishman2010)
    16. Ex-SBA State Dir., Ex-Parker Mayor, Veteran Greg Lopez (R)
    17. Businessman, GOP Activist Jerry Natividad (R)
    18. State Senator, Businessman Tim Neville (R)
    19. Businessman Doug Robinson (R)
    20. Jefferson County Comm'r, Businessman Donald Rosier (R)
    21. Congressman, Businessman Scott Tipton (R)
    22. Festival Promoter, Peace Activist Gary Swing (Boiling Frog)
    23. Ex-Eagle County Comm'r, Snowboard Instructor Arn Menconi (G)
    24. Brinks Driver, Navy Veteran, 2014 Nominee Gaylon Kent (L)
    25. Ex-State Party Chair, '14 State Rep Nom. Lily Williams (L)
    *Publicly announced will not run

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