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What’s cool is the Denver Post’s rave review of the Unity Party’s platform...
But what’s really cool is the Bill Hammons portrayal in Hearts of Iron 4
Unity Party of America Presidential Nominee Hammons on Election Day 2020

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” – Theodore Roosevelt, April 1910

For where I stand, please see my 33-point campaign platform. Media Inquiries should be directed to United National Committee Communications Director Evy Hines @ evy@unityparty.us or Deputy Communications Director Eric Bodenstab @ eric@unityparty.us.

Donations should be made directly to the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America (donation link here and below).

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  1. billisrunning

    #unityparty link to national site now at top of page

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    Deana A Kamm

    hi Bill,
    I’m a volunteer for Indivisible Colorado Springs and we are having a US Senate Candidate Climate Forum on 10/6 at 4 pm at the UCCS Ent Center. We would love to have you join the other Colorado US Senate Candidates for the Forum. Please email me or Dana Miller (pompomdana@gmail.com) if you can attend.
    Please see information at http://www.planetinperil.org or on social media at https://www.facebook.com/events/1116631191876119/.
    We have sent the candidates the forum questions so please reply quickly so we can get you the questions in preparation.
    thank you!

    1. billisrunning

      Thank you for the invite, Deana. While I’m running for Veep and not Senate in 2020, I know at least two candidates seeking the Unity Party nomination will be attending your event (and possibly a third, one whom has yet to declare but is an expert on climate change). More details at https://unitypartycolorado.com/ and https://unityparty.us/. Thanks again.

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    Hello my son celebrates his birthday in 2 weeks and is a big of of yours and your party in 2020. During this covid 19 pandemic he can not travel or go to work. I was hoping to get some bumper stickers and pins for him. He is active in the Us reserves Any chance to get a special birthday gift for him Michael, Jon Damico 11 Haverhill st Lawrence Ma 01841

  5. billisrunning

    Thanks for the post, Jon. Unfortunately it got buried by all of the spam comments (problem now fixed).

    Feel free to email mail@unityparty.us and we’ll get some special things printed up asap for your son.

    It also happens we just might be starting a voter registration drive in Massachusetts after Labor Day!

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    Shauna H

    What can I do to help in Florida. Can’t donate right now but will. Anything I can do. This is the only party that makes sense in a time of insanity.

  7. billisrunning

    Thanks, Shauna. I might be headed your way after Labor Day to help get the Florida party formally organized/recognized. Let me see what more we can do down there before then. I have your number.

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    John b

    What can I do to shut this place down?

  9. billisrunning

    Thanks for showing that we’re starting to get the attention of voters, John. Tell everyone in America to not vote for Bill Hammons and the Unity Party because we’re a threat to the status quo, and I’m sure that will “shut this place down.”

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    Brian Halloran

    Shame on you running for President this year. Have you learned nothing from 2016? You can only hurt chances of beating Donald Trump. This election could easily mean the end of American democracy and start of an autocratic state? For what.. a few issues you support? Or vanity? Selfish. Shame on you.

  11. billisrunning

    Mr. Halloran,

    No need to post the same comment on multiple pages. That said, thank you for highlighting the fact that voters are starting to tune in.

    Re: the substance of your comment > we’re a *Centrist* organization, right down the middle. I also ran with Mr. Bodenstab in 2018 (on the Unity Party Gubernatorial ticket in Colorado), and our best showing in % terms was in Bent County, at the heart of the drought on Colorado’s Eastern Plains (definitely not a Liberal bastion). In this Election and subsequent Elections we’ll get more and more of the “none of the above” vote from both sides, not to mention votes for Balanced Budgets (with reasonable exemptions for Recessions, etc.), Term Limits, and other Centrist positions.

    Please enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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    Aquiles Garvey

    Good day Mr. Hammons and Mr. Bodenstab, I would just like to ask how you gentlemen feel about Unions and the Right to Vote Law, which seems to be trying to kill Unions.

  13. billisrunning

    Thank you for the question, Aquiles.

    “XXIII. Support for the First Amendment Right to Assemble

    In the spirit of the First Amendment right “of the people peaceably to assemble,” Unity supports the Right of Ballot Access for all Political Parties as well as the Right of Collective Bargaining for all Unions.”


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    Mike Kallie

    Hello Bill, what do you think about the great division of this country right now? What about groups of ” citizens” taking up arms and “helping” the police? Where do you stand on the validity of constitutional rights? Thanks, Mike Kallie

  15. billisrunning

    Mike, I don’t support vigilantism, and, as one who attended many BLM rallies in NJ gathering signatures for my Presidential petition, I can attest that the vast majority of protests have been peaceful and the urban legend of burning cities overblown. As noted on the below page, no one is a stronger supporter of the Constitution.


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    Kelly Hannah

    I’m looking at every candidate on here. I’m voting Biden. But I enjoyed your replies, and whole heartedly back your right to run. Also liked your answer about militias and your platform on the budget. Thank you for caring about our Country and good luck!

  17. billisrunning

    Don’t worry, Kelly, I’ll let you make it up to me: text ten of your friends a link to http://www.billisrunning.com, and I’m sure there will be at least one vote in there to balance out your Biden vote. Thanks for posting.

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    Tracy Linder

    Hello Mr. Hammons,
    I very much appreciate your respectful answers to everyone commenting. You have caught my attention. I’m still contemplating my vote. In fact I have a ballot in front of me here in Colorado and am truly torn between your centrist positions and my usual Libertarian leanings. I have to say that your running mate’s idea of a one time 6 year term for President is brilliant. My own outside the box thinking (when frustrated with the status quo) has wondered if it would be best if the House of Representatives – at the very least – was selected the way we assign jury duty. Every person of voting age obligated to spend a set term contributing to the running of the country. Not feasible, but one can dream when the world seems to be going to very warm places in a very fragile handbasket. Good Luck in the campaign. I hope you do end up the compromise candidate.

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    I appreciate the central leaning ideals! Hopefully we can move the country in a direction that isn’t so partisan.

    -Love from Houston

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    I would like to vote for you. I’m in Wisconsin and didn’t see your name on the write-in list. Can I still vote for you and have it count?

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    Thank you, Tracy. I think we had the one term presidency idea floating within Unity Party discussions over a decade ago, and it is perhaps discussed elsewhere. I cannot take much credit for it, and it may date back outside the Unity Party a couple decades or even a century ago.

    It makes sense to have a president focus on his/her one term without any concern of reelection. I suppose the VP could run if there was popular approval of a successful 6-year administration. It also takes the burden off of the American people somewhat, who can focus more on issues within their own lives rather than excessively worrying about who will be the next president or remain in office. A poor president can still be removed if Congress sees fit!

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    As someone who feels adrift and without a rational, reasonable and inspiring nominee from either the left or the right, I find you refreshingly balanced. “They” say a vote for anyone other than Biden is a vote for Trump, and that a vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote for Biden. Sadly, it feels like I am being held hostage by both parties and forced to “pick a side”. To that, I say No! I will vote my conscience.

    I can’t endorse either side with all their divisiveness. I also can’t swear I will vote for you- I wish you had more experience (politically, diplomatically and internationally). Further, I think a continuous border wall is ridiculous and the wrong way to address the issue. However, most of your platform fits nicely into my “Centrist” worldview.

    I have always thought of myself as a Democrat, a liberal. And yet…as of today, the democratic party has shifted too far left for my taste (and common sense). What were once Democrats are now Centrists, without any real representation or options. I truly appreciate your approach.

    In reading more about you tonight, I found myself hopeful for America again- that there are those among us who can bridge the divisive gap and bring strong policies and leadership back to government. Best of luck- this time AND next time. I’m keeping my eyes on you, sir! Be well…

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    Oh! Happy birthday!

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    When I attempted to submit a comment in slight opposition to some of your campaign points, the browser completely crashed. Could you explain this?

    1. billisrunning

      Don’t think it had anything to do with your comment, Clayton

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    Rev. James Clifton

    Kindly send me some campaign materials. Thank you.

    Rev. James W. Clifton
    POB 237
    Millersburg, IN 46543

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    What T said (except I’ve been a lifelong republican). Keep refining your ideas, gaining and broadening your experience, pick your battles wisely, and be persistent. Realistically it’s unlikely you’ll make much of a dent this year but it’s refreshing to see that there are better options on my ballot. Best of luck. I’ll be looking for you again in 4.

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    John A

    I wish you had a chance to win this. Keep momentum going for 2024. I like your platform. Being in NJ, I don’t think my vote for you would make a difference. But I hope you stay involved

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    Bill, you need a serious PR management team if you are a serious candidate, I did not see anywhere in your bio any information on your educational background, your employment between 2004 and 2014, who is funding your efforts because I did not observe anywhere the means that you finance your expenses and the campaigning effort and both require significant funding to run for state and/or federal office. I did not remark date of birth (no idea how old you are) which parties you have been part of or your voting record on candidates and issues up until you formed your own party, do you have any endorsements from General Wes Clark or a letter you can post at this site? Do you have any endorsements from industry leaders or political figures you can point to? This looks very much like amateur alley but prove me wrong. Best regards!

    1. billisrunning

      Proven below


      The Biography of Unity Party of America Founder and Candidate Bill Hammons
      Bill Hammons was born in (what was then) West Germany in the Seventies to a career US Army officer. He graduated from Permian High School in West Texas of Friday Night Lights fame (his mother is originally from West Texas and Bill’s maternal grandparents arrived in Odessa on the original Pearl Harbor Day in 1941). Bill attended NYU and made the Dean’s List several semesters in a row before going on to work as the Rights Manager at Newsweek Magazine for seven years and seven days and then starting Bill’s List, which has received as many as 17,000 visitors daily.

      One day in 2003, Bill was on a training run for the NYC Marathon in the hills of Central Park, mulling over what more he could do to support the Presidential candidacy of General Wes Clark (Bill had been active in the Draft Clark grassroots movement). Then, at the top of the park, it struck Bill that he and others could run marathons to raise campaign contributions. The idea of “Runners for Clark” was born, and the nascent organization had spread to 14 states before the General bowed out of the Primaries the following Spring.

      Clark might’ve been done, but Bill wasn’t, and Unity Runners was started to support Centrist candidates throughout the country (one thing Bill had become increasingly dismayed with was the inability of the established American political parties to appeal to Centrist voters). The 2004 election was done that November, but Bill still wasn’t done, and the Unity Party of America was born the day after the election (his father Rich was party member #2).

      The following Spring, Bill moved back West (to Colorado) to enjoy the stunning running trails and even more stunning views (he’s run everything from a mile race down Fifth Avenue to a 50-mile race in the Montana wilderness) before finally returning to Texas after a 26-year journey. While in Colorado, he was the first of only two third-party Coloradans to ever successfully petition onto the General Election statewide ballot (and the second man to do so has since joined the United Colorado Committee of Bill’s Unity Party of Colorado). The Unity Party was placed on the Colorado official voter registration form as the “Unity” option as a direct result of Bill’s 2014 US Senate run, and UP achieved full recognition as a party by the State on D-Day in June of 2017 (Unity Party candidates can now be placed directly onto the General Election ballot by a show of hands, no petitioning required).

      Bill went on to become the first Unity Party member (along with his friend and running mate Eric Bodenstab) to appear on the General Election ballot as a Gubernatorial candidate and then put his vote numbers into full hockey stick graph mode before heading to Texas (partly) to be in compliance with the 12th Amendment to the Constitution (Bill’s Vice Presidential running mate hails from Colorado).

      Bill bunkers down in Broomfield, Colorado from time to time listening to the SiriusXM POTUS Channel during the day as he continues the task of helping to develop and expand the Unity Party of Colorado, when not campaigning in Colorado, relaxing back in Austin or successfully petitioning onto Presidential ballots everywhere from the Louisiana Gulf Coast to the Jersey Shore…

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    Hi Bill,
    I am an Army Veteran who is tired of the notion that there are only two candidates to choose from. I have decided to vote for you this election. I agree with you on most of your campaign points. I wish the debates were open to more candidates to have their voices heard. My vote also rejects the notion that there are only two parties to choose from. Rejects the notion that the big donor money behind those two parties aligns with and represents what is best for me. Rejects the notion that a vote for any other candidate really only hurts a Democrat or helps a Republican. I believe that true change in the system will take place some day. It has to start sometime and for me that is today. Keep up the good fight.

    1. billisrunning

      Thank you, Brad, and thank you for your service! I was just texting my sister to finalize plans for my father’s service at Arlington in December (he was also Army, and passed away from cancer due to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam).

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    I was not going to vote this election. I am a disillusioned citizen and I don’t believe in voting against anyone. I will admit; I gave up on the system. Then I saw Bill’s platform and was excited! You are not on the ballot in Wyoming, and I will absolutely write you in! I hope to see you much more in the future!

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    I changed my mind at the last minute (knowing Colorado would go blue, even without me). You got my vote, sir. Keep up the common sense good work!

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    I too was not going to vote this election, but also agreed with your platform points and decided to vote for you in good conscience! This country is in trouble and we need a hero now! Good luck-

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    Bill – catch you again in 4 years!

    I just affiliated the Unity party in CO. We need to get away from a 2 party system, and the Unity Party is perusing this in a non-divisive way.

    I was a life long GOP member, went Libertarian when Trump was nominated, but Unity is the way to go!

    1. billisrunning

      Thanks, Chris! I’m about to send you an email to get you involved as an active Uniter.

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    Glad to see my 2018 & 2020 running mate putting his name in the hat for 2024.

    It’s a long road. But no choice. Keep going.

    1. billisrunning

      There’s always a choice in the road chosen, my friend, and I’ll continue to choose the road less traveled.

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