Bill Hammons In Hearts of Iron 4 Red World Mod

I was very surprised to be told by some commenters on one of my Hammons for President YouTube campaign videos that I had been made the leader of the Midwest Union in the popular Red World mod of the Heart of Iron game. I thought they were pulling my leg, and then I started googling; see the related press release, as well as the history behind my fictional portrayal in HOI Red World and the history of the equally fictional Denver-based Midwest Union.

For those of you who (like me) are fans of the Amazon Prime series The Man in the High Castle, HOI4 Red World is basically a what-if-the-Soviets-had-won-the-Cold-War version of that alternate history classic, with yours truly Head of State of Denver and the Neutral Zone which features so prominently.

And Red World is a fairly popular modification of the Hearts of Iron 4 game (as of this writing, it enjoys a 5-star rating and a lot of discussion, despite the fact that its creator has apparently passed away). I look forward to learning more about the alternate world created by this mod (including whether Vladimir Putin indeed takes over the fictional continuation of the Soviet Union), and about the Centrist Government of the Midwest Union.


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  1. Zach

    found you through reddit. I believe that third parties are important while i don’t know about you or your party specifically but building up a multiparty democracy is important keep it up!!

  2. Abi

    That’s awesome and I hope this will become reality sooner than later. Congratulations!

  3. Alex

    Just wanted to let you know that I know of you and your party because of the mod. I researched it and was surprised that I agreed way more with your agenda than with the old parties. I voted Bill and Unity Party!

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